Practice for speaking about leisure activities you like and dislike

This is an idea about how to improve speaking about likes and dislikes in IELTS. The very simple idea is that one way to improve is to practise speaking about what you like and dislike about some similar things – in this case leisure activities. I  show you ways to do this by speaking about … Read more

grammar short simple sentences

Getting Beyond Six for Grammar The problem with having too many short simple sentences is that the examiner is looking fora range of sentence types and in particular, complex sentences. Complex sentences have an independent and dependent clause. If you would like to listen to some feedback I’ve given a student about this please listen … Read more

tricky IELTS part 2 speaking question

TRICKY SPEAKING QUESTION? This question challenges a lot of students because they can not think about what to talk about; have a look at my model answer. Alright, the traditional product I’d like to talk about is the famous Australian meat pie, which is definitely one of the most popular snack foods eaten in Australia. … Read more