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I am an ex-examiner who specializes in helping students prepare for the IELTS writing and speaking tests. I can help you to quickly pass your test.

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Get that 7 or 8 you need in the IELTS Writing Exam
I am an experienced examiner, who marked over 10,000 tasks.
Have an IELTS essay corrected and learn how to get a higher score using my feedback.
I can teach you how to better respond to questions, structure your essay, and use language effectively to increase your score.

Be prepared to pass your speaking test with flying colours!
Have a mock speaking test to find out your level and get feedback on how to increase your score.
Get the inside track on how to answer the examiner’s questions and how to use high-level language to impress the examiner.

About Mike Wattie 
I have worked as an examiner and tutor in Taipei and Australia. Now I am teaching students how to pass the IELTS exam online. Learn from my experience as an examiner how to respond to writing tests in the right way and structure your writing so it is clear and easy for an examiner to understand. Learn about the typical types of questions you will get asked in the speaking test and how to answer them using high-level language and idiomatic expressions. Find out how to finish your reading test on time and answer tricky question types such as true false not given. Learn how to catch important information in the listening test.

With my writing correction and feedback service, you can get an estimate of your band score level along with feedback about how to increase it. Find out why you fail this part of the test and how you can pass. Learn the common mistakes students make and how to prevent them. Discover the errors with vocabulary and grammar that you are making, so you can eliminate them. Finally, have a mock speaking test over Skype to find out your band level. Let me guide you about how to respond to the questions in all three parts of the test and let me help you to pass the test.

Please contact me using the form below

    You are welcome to contact me by email:  examiner@IELTSanswers.com

    22 thoughts on “IELTS Tutor Contact”

    1. Oh I got it, G’day Mike, Hello, I’m Jae woo Kim and from South Korea. I was wondering If I could arrange the speaking mock test on 09/04/2024 6pm (Korean time). Should I pay first or comment first? I’m a bit confused how to be processed. Though, I have no idea how to check the answers turning up from you guys, so I’m messaging you. Cheers

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    3. Hi Sir!
      It’s about your caption – “WHAT STUDENT SAY?”. Shouldn’t it be ” WHAT STUDENTS SAY?”? Or have I understood it wrong?

    4. Hi, I am learning IELTS and took test today.
      However, I could not complete word requirement 250 words in task 2, with roughly 20 lines (8-11words/line x 16 lines= 160-220).
      How seriously will it be penalized ?

      • Sorry, but I do not have good news for you.

        You will get a direct -1 or -2 penalty under Task response.
        You will likely get an indirect penalty to other grading criteria, and
        it definitely limits you from getting high scores such as 8 for other criteria.

    5. Will IELTS examiners accepts answers on the listening paper which are similar? For example, putting 9 instead of ‘nine’, writing the plural form or putting extra info such as ‘main reception’ instead of ‘reception’?

      • The answers must follow the instructions and fit grammatically
        putting 9 instead of ‘nine’ NO PROBLEM HERE
        writing the plural form THIS IS LIKELY TO RESULT IN A GRAMMATICAL ERROR…this is likely to be marked wrong
        ‘main reception’ instead of ‘reception’? LIKELY TO BE OK AS LONG AS YOU ARE ALLOWED TO WRITE MORE THAN ONE WORD

    6. Hello Mike! I am a new learners for IELTS and I’ve just discovered your website. Do you have any online courses for intermediate student like me?

    7. Hi mike ,complete writing book which includes all 3 books does that also has in detail 100pages like one that you have for task2 book or should we purchase task2 writing separately. Please advice.

    8. Hi Mike, I have been trying to pay for the 4tasks correction with my card, but it was not going through. I really want to get my write up graded… Thanks

      • Is there any particular problem you can mention, such as an error message?
        I don’t have anyone else saying they are having a problem.
        Perhaps try again. Sometimes the payment site may be down.

    9. Helle. Yesterday I registered your lesson. I have a question. From where can I find the theme I will write about essay. I will take an academic IELTS Test.


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