Crime: Advanced IELTS Language


Crime: Advanced IELTS Language

Crime: Advanced IELTS Language

The following table of nouns is from my IELTS ebook for part two of the writing test. The ebook also include verbs and adjectives.

Some useful nouns

Word Meaning
corporal punishment to punish by physically harming the offender
capital punishment to punish by killing the offender
community service to spend time helping the community. For example, if a person does a minor crime they are often only punished by having to do community service.
consequences the result or effect of something
deterrent something that prevents an action
evidence proof that the crime occurred
fine money paid for a crime
imprisonment to put someone in prison
legislation laws that are made by the government
felony        a major crime
misdemeanour a minor crime
motive reason for doing something
prevention        stopping something from happening
victim the person who suffers from a crime or negative event
violation to break a rule

2 thoughts on “Crime: Advanced IELTS Language”

  1. great ! helpful

    I would add also to the above useful list:

    – offense
    i.e: a serious/minor offence

    – commit (Verb)
    He committed several serious offences

    – convicted (Verb)
    It’s the third time that he’s been convicted of a drug offence.

    – petty crime = minor crime

    – Fraud (the crime of getting money by deceiving people)
    credit card fraud



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