Media: Advanced IELTS Language

Media: Advanced IELTS Language

The following table of nouns is from my IELTS ebook for part two of the writing test. The ebook also include verbs and adjectives.

Some useful nouns

Word Meaning
a medium medium is the singular form of media [plural].
censorship when certain types of messages are blocked. For instance, the government often uses censorship for movies that are violent or have sexual content.
credibility refers to whether something is reliable or from a reliable source.
exaggeration when the truth is stretched or enlarged.
ideology a way of thinking or belief system.
journalism journalism is the way of reporting the news, by including newspapers, magazines, radio and television, the internet.
journalist  a person who has a career in journalism.
mass media mass media refers collectively to all the forms of media we have such as television, radio, film, on-line services, magazines and newspapers.
propaganda propaganda occurs the media favours certain kinds of stories or distorts messages to influence the opinions of behaviour of people.
social media this usually refers to online tools for communication such as Facebook and Twitter.

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