Essay writing
  1. Learn how to analyse tasks to get the right task response
  2. Learn how to plan your essays
  3. Learn how to write the three types of essays that get asked
  4. Read model answers to learn how to write your essays better
  5. Build up topic specific language to boost your score for vocabulary
  6. Get your tasks assessed by a tutor who has trained as an examiner to find your weaknesses
  7. Download eBooks written by an author who has trained as an examiner
  8. Join my writing course
 Report writing: Task 1 Academic
  1. Learn how to analyse and plan tasks to get the right task achievement
  2. Learn how to write the different types of tasks that get asked
  3. Learn how to combine data so that you can finish on time
  4. Read model answers to learn how to write your reports better
  5. Get your tasks assessed by a tutor who has trained as an examiner to find your weaknesses
  6. Download eBooks written by an author who has trained as an examiner
Letter writing: Task 1 General
  1. Learn how to write the different types of letters that get asked
  2. Read model answers to learn how to write your letters better
  3. Build up topic specific language to boost your score for vocabulary
  4. Get your tasks assessed by a tutor who has trained as an examiner to find your weaknesses
  5. Download eBooks written by an author who has trained as an examiner

Different question types
The IELTS writing test is split into the IELTS Academic Writing exam and the IELTS General Writing exam, if you know specifically which type of test you will take you should browse to the specific page on this site. There are separate pages for Part 1 Academic Writing, Part 1 General Writing, and Part 2 (Academic and General versions are the same). Note that I also provide a service to check your IELTS writing.

How the IELTS writing test is graded
Your writing test is graded by an ex-examiner and marked from 1-9 in accordance with four key criteria, as follows:

Task Response: this concerns whether you addressed all parts of the topic and answered all parts of the  question. It also assesses whether you fully developed the main points of your answer.

Coherence & Cohesion: Coherence refers to your writing being easy to understand and cohesion refers to the way it fits together – such as the quality of your sentence structure, paragraphing, and use of connective devices.

Vocabulary: To score highly you must use higher level words, pay attention to collocation, and also control your word endings (correctly use the right form of a word like don’t use a noun where a verb is needed).

Grammar: To score highly you need to use a variety of sentence types (simple, compound, complex) and also avoid grammatical errors, such as with articles and prepositions and sentence order especially when they make your writing difficult to understand.

Special Note: In some instances errors can count in two categories; for example, many grammatical errors also result in a lower score for coherence. On the positive, it is useful to learn lots of connective devices because they can count for Coherence & Cohesion as well as vocabulary.  Part of your self-study should be aimed at efficiently using your time to maximize your grade.

The public version of the IELTS writing test criteria task 1
The public version of the IELTS writing test criteria task 2

Tips Skills and Techniques for the Writing Test
To improve your score in the IELTS writing section, you should focus on the following areas:

  1. Understanding the different question types, and responses required, especially for task 1 (diagrams!)
  2. Understanding how the writing test is graded
  3. Planning an answer (I always like to think of 3 main points I will make about the topic)
  4. Learning the best way to structure an answer
  5. Practising writing clearly and cohesively
  6. Improving paraphrasing and parallel constructions (how to score well for vocabulary)
  7. Learning to use Nominalisation (turning verbs into nouns)
  8. Broadening vocabulary (task 1 requires a lot of language related to describing trends and useful words that can be used in many essays)
  9. You must write 150 and 250 words for task 1 and 2…work out how many words you write per line on official IELTS writing paper. writing-answer-sheet-task1-new, writing-answer-sheet-task2-new
  10. You need to do a lot of writing practice and receive feedback from a trained professional about the quality of your writing. You especially need a lot of feedback on the appropriateness of word choices (not only if they are correct – but also if they are natural) and feedback on grammar – one of the best ways to learn is through error analysis – which is a focus on correcting any errors that are frequently occurring.

25 thoughts on “Writing”

  1. In your feedback, you said that to obtain properties is not correct synonym to describe gain knowledge and experience.
    How should I write?
    I thought alternative words, but I couldn’t conceive any good ideas.

  2. I wanna describe declining some rural areas by not acting their functions because more people move to urban.
    Please tell me effective words and expressions.

    • For future questions like this its better to send me your essay with questions in it by email. I have to look at the essay to understand your question.

      To be honest the whole paragraph is a bit difficult to understand. It seems your point may be that “as youngsters leave, there will be less leadership” ..this is not great as leaders are normally older people. I think it would be better to focus on “creativity and innovation will be lost”

  3. According to many children, it’s hard to focus on or pay attention completely to school. This essay is going to suggest the causes of this state and give suitable solutions to deal with it.
    We will considered the problem by subjective and objective way. Firstly, the reason is from outside. It can be some noisy from inhabitants ‘s house or events. For example, because of geographic position, in many school, students often hear much more sound of construction’s building. It attract the attention and distract children from learning. Secondly, the lack of knowledge is also a explaination for the distraction. Many teenagers can’t understand what teachers are saying because they have forgotten or ignored any lesson which lead to less logic mindset.
    Therefore, we need to apply some viable measures to improve this weak point. The school can use the kind of glasses that could separate the noisy with classroom. It can support to take students’s attention to the teacher and subjects. Beside, some blue collar also should change the teach measures to help children to receptive knowledge clearly and feel interested in the lesson. Their study will become ore effective.
    To conclude, the lack of concentrating is a serious issue which children, the reason can become many sides. Therefore, good glasses and methods can help them to improve it.

  4. Hello Mike,

    I am keen on taking your package for 10 tasks.

    Would you mind assessing one essay for me which is posted below? TIA

    Looking forward.

    While recruiting a new employee, the employer should pay more attention to their personal qualities, rather than qualifications and experience. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and include relevant examples.

    Humans have two major aspects to themselves, i.e Professional and personal. It is argued that, when jobs are in question, employers should value the personal aspect over the professional aspect. I feel that putting either one ahead of another will have its pros and cons. Keeping that in mind, this essay will evaluate both the ends.
    To begin with, personal traits serve as the building blocks of one’s character and morals. Taking into account the team playing skill and his notion of “each man for everyone”, the job seeker is an excellent prospect. However, imagine a situation where an excellent team player has no knowledge about the basics of the industry or isn’t remotely related to the position he has applied for or vice-versa. Hence, lack of any of the aforementioned aspects will make him nothing but a liability for the other team members.
    Aditionally, personal traits like honesty and dedication or ability to learn play a critical role to carve an outstanding addition to the team. Although traits like these are like ladders to executive positions in professional world, the real question left unanswered is “are these enough?” What if a person is honest and dedicated but has no or little experience for the job he has applied for? What if he isn’t equipped to handle the pressure this job brings along? While keeping the importance of personal traits in mind, questions like these make me realize the importance of experience. It makes me realize the importance of balance between these two human aspects.
    To recapitulate from my personal experience, both the aspects of a human life are supposed to work in tandem. Any aspect outweighing the other or disruption the balance required between the two aspects, will not make a great addition to the team. A seeker with right knowledge and right execution skills is battle ready.

    • Just a couple of key points if you want a full assessment you need to use my writing correction service:
      For details about my writing service please refer to the link below:

      1. You have not answered the question… You need to state the extent you agree or disagree in the introduction and conclusion. I can see that you feel both aspects are important which suggests that you “somewhat agree” or “somewhat disagree” with the statement

      2. Don’t use abbreviations like i.e. and you’ve misused it …it means “in other words.”

  5. Hello sir! Today was my test and I took one extra sheet for task 1 and one for task 2.I couldn’t write my name or cndidate number on the extra sheets because time was up and examiner was angry on me that i have told you that put your number.when I started to write time had ended. I was the only one who took the sheet in whole class.Will Ielts conaider my tasks?

  6. Dear Mike,
    Thank you for your timely corrections and feedbacks. Your comments on my tasks were an eye opener. Keep up the good work

  7. Should we discuss the counter argument statement in 3 paragraph in agree disagree question or just with 2 points of agreement with 2 body para. Thanks


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