PTE task editing

PTE task editing

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PTE Essay Question
Task 1 summarize the passage below
Summarize Written Text – Read the passage below and summarize it (between 5 and 75 words). You will get 10 minutes to finish the task and the candidate’s performance will be judged on the quality of his writing skills.

One of the most important characteristics of successful language learners is their willingness to make mistakes. Young children learn their first language by trying to communicate a message rather than by trying to learn grammar rules. Children are not worried about correctness; they are concerned with the message. The message is more important than the grammar.

In the same way, second language learners must try to communicate even when they are not certain of the correct forms or words. By using the language to communicate, their language skills will improve. For example, if someone else cannot understand what the learner is trying to say, then the learner must change the way he or she is using the language.

In this way, the learner quickly learns what is correct and what is incorrect. Mistakes become learning opportunities. Therefore, the more learners use the language, the more skilled they become in the language. Successful language learners do not wait until they can speak or write perfectly before they use the language; they use the language in order to improve their speaking and writing.

Student’s Answer

PTE writing summary task

Examiner’s model answer
People learning a second language should use it to communicate without fearing mistakes as the more the language is used the more it will enhance their skills in the language, and also because they will be able to learn from their mistakes.

Examiner’s feedback Task 1

Criterion Score Comment
Content 1/2 It should be clearer that this is about second language learners and not just children
Form 1/1 Is written in one, single, complete sentence
Grammar 1/2 Error with 2nd conditional, or change to a 1st condition = “if the same approach is utilized by adults, then every corrected mistake will…”

if the same approach were utilized by adults, then every corrected mistake would be an opportunity to learn and so this approach should be

Vocabulary 2/2 Contains no lexical errors
Total 5/7 Work on clearly identifying what the extract is about.

Reduce errors with grammar.

Task 2 PTE Essay Question

PTE essay writing task a

PTE essay writing task b

Examiner’s feedback Task 2

Criterion Score Comment
Content 2/3 Deals with the prompt but I think it would be better to deal with motivation in one paragraph and practice in another

Both your main ideas are suitable parts paragraph 3 does not develop the main idea about avoiding mistakes well

Form 2/2 Length is between 200 and 300 words
Development, structure and coherence 1/2 Neither topic sentence was particularly helpful to clearly understand what the paragraphs were about.

Both body paragraphs were quite difficult to follow

Grammar 1/2 A 2 requires that errors are rare and difficult to spot

… You have frequent errors with articles and also other errors.

General linguistic range 2/2 Exhibits mastery of a wide range of language to formulate thoughts precisely, give emphasis, differentiate and eliminate ambiguity. No sign that the test taker is restricted in what they want to communicate
Vocabulary range 1/2 Shows a good range of vocabulary for matters connected to general academic topics. Lexical shortcomings lead to circumlocution or some imprecision
Spelling 2/2 Correct spelling
Total 11/15 Overall comments: You need topic sentences that clearly identify what your paragraph is about and then you need to develop these key ideas in a clearer and easier to understand way.

Stop making up fake research! Note that it’s not appropriate academic writing to state percentages without a full reference as to where this number comes to= author date and time of publication publisher city…. And since you don’t have these in the PTE exam it’s completely inappropriate to do this].

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