IELTS Online Writing Course

IELTS Online Writing Course

A course to learn about all the different types of essays and reports or letters in the IELTS test and how to write them.
Length: 7 lessons of 90 minutes
Contents: In each lesson, the student will be given instructions by the teacher regarding aspects of the writing test and given homework tasks to practice writing a wide range of tasks.
Resources: 200 page e-book; 16 videos, PowerPoints, model answers for all types of tasks
Class size: a maximum of 6 students

Fees per student:

$ 140                  7 Lectures and 7 homework tasks corrected   


  1. How to analyse task 1 and task 2 instructions.
  2. How to brainstorm and plan answers
  3. How to structure reports and essays
  4. Vocabulary for task 1 and task 2
  5. Grammatical structures for task 1 and task 2

1.Live online lessons: These are the cornerstone for the course. An IELTS expert gives guidance on key aspects of the test. Students are active participants asking questions and interacting with the IELTS expert.

  • Ebook: This book gives step-by-step guidance on how to complete each type of writing task.  Gives the theoretical knowledge needed to take the test. Includes vocabulary and grammar based on a range of common topics for all parts of the test.
  • VIDEOS: These videos supplement the ebook by giving an in-depth explanation of critical parts of the planning and writing of each type of task.
  • Model Answers: Model answers for a wide-range of questions and topics to illustrate the best ways to structure and respond to tasks.
  • Homework Assignments: Students are expected to spend more time on homework than they do in class. The homework is designed to give students the opportunity to practice a wide range of question types and topics that are likely to occur in the test. Students will write at least 6 essays and 4 reports and these will be assessed by an experienced IELTS expert.

Please send me a message and I will send you full details of the course.