Ex-examiner to guide you!

I specialize in helping students prepare for the IELTS writing exam and the IELTS speaking exam. I can provide assistance to help support your learning.

IELTS Writing Correction
The first one is to have your IELTS writing tasks assessed for the grade they will receive; and also to correct your writing, and make suggestions about how to increase the score for each of the four grading criteria.

I correct any four tasks for $30 USD

IELTS Speaking Test preparation
Have a speaking lesson over SKYPE. During this lesson I can give you a mock speaking test to find out your speaking level and also give you feedback on how you can achieve the grade you need, according to the four grading criteria of the speaking test. At the end of the class, I give you an MP3 recording of the lesson. Time on Skype can also be used to discuss other areas of the IELTS test such as any difficulties you have with the writing, reading, or listening tests.

I can provide an online service using email and SKYPE to provide you with the following services:

  1. Online speaking practice
  2. Assess you speaking level
  3. Discuss the Writing Test
  4. Discuss the Reading Test
  5. Discuss the Listening Test
  6. I can suggest online resources to assist with your study

If you would like to talk over skype to ask questions, practice your speaking, or do a practice speaking test the fee is $20 USD per half-hour. If you are interested in any of these services please contact me using the from below.

    About Mike Wattie
    I have been teaching English as a second language for over 15 years in Taiwan and Australia, in language centres and universities. My area of specialization is teaching students how to pass the IELTS exam. I particularly enjoy teaching IELTS because I find it challenging to teach students the necessary skills and strategies that they need to pass, and I also find that my students are highly motivated – this is a joy for a teacher! Recently, I have started to try to fulfill one of my lifetime ambitions – to have my own business and work from home. In this anytime anyplace world, true freedom is about being able to choose where and when you work. As a student you can share my lifestyle, with my website you can study whenever you want and wherever you want.

    31 thoughts on “Ex-examiner to guide you!”

    1. Hello Mike,

      I was browsing thorugh your blog on yourself and, I am curious to know if you have received fromal training with British council or IDP. Also at any point have you worked as an examiner for IELTS?

    2. Hello Mike,
      I just messaged you about purchasing a IELTS essay correction package for one of my English students. Please advise.

      Best wishes,

    3. Hello, if I purchase any four tasks, do I need to send all my writing at a time? For example, can I send two tasks, and then other two task when I finished next week?

      • You can send them whenever you like. It’s best not to send them all at once, as you will be able to learn from the feedback.

    4. Hi Mike,

      I have sent you an email regarding my writing task 1 for general training. I have mentioned the task in the meial itself and attached the photos of the hamdwritten task. I have made the payment as well.
      I will look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

    5. Interested in using your services, but iam in somalia locked and devastated country without central Government and people are very poor and can not avoid to purchase such interested and useful services.

      • You are welcome to use all the free resources on my website.
        I hope you can find a way to pay for your test fees, and flights overseas.

    6. Hi,
      i am interested in using your services, but as for now, i would know your general response time to essay corrections, only because my test is this month. id like to achieve a 7 in my writing, and in the past ive been getting 6-6.5.

    7. Charges for essay correction? My General Training exam is scheduled on September 8, 2018. I have appeared exams before too, I need polishing for my essays, as I’m through with structural knowledge.

    8. hi mike i have already paid for service but my exam is on day after tomorrow. Is there any way u can give me response for my essays early. so I can improve and submit my next essay ?

      • Hi I will start editing today in a couple of hours and I will do your task first. I can keep editing them
        all throughout the day for you. I suggest though that you can send your 2nd one now, just pick a different type of task.

    9. Dear Sir,
      Mistakenly I paid twice by my credit card and instead of purchasing 1 I purchased 2 sets. And 60 dollars have deducted from my card.
      What should I do now?Please advice what are the steps after payment.How can I send you essay.

    10. My daughter would like to use your writing collection service and I would like to make payment by credit card on behalf of her. Is it okay by you?


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