Map for IELTS Writing Test

Map for IELTS Writing Test

The maps below show how the town of Harborne changes from 1936 to 2007. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

 ielts-map-1  ielts-map-2

The illustrations reveal changes that occurred in the township of Harborne from 1936 to 2007. Overall, the town became a much larger residential area with more shops.

Many changes occurred west of the city. In the north-west most of the trees were cut down, and in the south-west the bicycle track was converted into a roadway. In the centre of the city, the post office, bank, and library remained. However, in the northern section the candy store and butchers shop were converted into a grocery store. A shopping centre was constructed in the centre of the downtown replacing most of the open space there. In the southern part the flower shop became a travel agent.

North-east of the downtown area the river was turned into a lake and a large residential area was built on its shores with lots of high-rise apartments. Meanwhile, in the south-east the government offices were transformed into a museum and the farmland became a golf course.

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  1. In case there are 2 maps: 1 map of 1920 and 1 map of present, can I use simple past? Or I have to use a mix of simple past for past info, present perfect for other info?

    • It’s going to be mostly past passive tense and past tense “the trees were cut down and replaced with a library”
      present perfect could be used “A library has been built”


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