Find out your IELTS Speaking Level

Find out your IELTS Speaking Level

Send me your recorded answer for the IELTS speaking test and find out what score you are likely to achieve and get suggestions about how to improve.

I will give you feedback under each of the four criteria: fluency and coherence, pronunciation, lexical resource [vocabulary], and grammar. This will help you to discover where you are making mistakes and what you need to work on in order to increase your score.

This is also an excellent way to prepare model answers for the speaking test and have these models verified and checked to make sure you don’t have any errors.

As well as this I may be out to diagnose any issues you have when speaking. For instance, based on your first language you may have pronunciation errors. In addition, I can get suggestions about places where you can use more advanced language such as idiomatic expressions.

If you want to do this follow these steps:

1. Choose a speaking question from my site, or use your own question:

2. Make a payment using the link below. The fee is $16 per answer.


3. Record your  answers to the questions

4. Send your recording to my e-mail, gdrive, dropbox


GDRIVE: https://drive.google.com/a/ieltsanswers.com/folderview?id=0B7dU6QSNV6KecUZJdlNJQUp6MEk&usp=sharing


5. I will return your recording along with feedback within 36 hours

6. You are welcome to ask questions about the feedback

How to record your voice

There are a few options here, such as using windows sound recorder

Sample Feedback of 7.5-8 band level speaker

The following is an example of feedback I have given to a student on their IELTS Part Two speaking test recordings.

Listen to the recording

Describe a trip to a beach that you enjoyed.

You should say:

*     Where it is located,

*     When you go there

*     What you do there

and explain why you enjoyed this beach.


Underlined = word added

Crossed out= word is deleted


Time  Comment

:20    discovered there a beach THERE

:34    the beach is a little bit hidden

:37     snorkel = good vocabulary

:40     we are also sit in the sand

:52     often we would bring a bottle [present tense needed for repeated actions]

1:00   This place is where we were talking we talked for the first time about

1:07   fish and chips shop nearby

1:17    calamari and prawns= good vocabulary

Fluency and coherence:

Score: 8

You are strong here…you have plenty to say and it comes out at a good pace

You spoke for 1.55 minutes which is excellent

Some minor hesitations only


Score: 8

You pronounce all sounds correctly

Overall rhythm is good

Good use of intonation

Vocabulary :


Error with word ending

fish and chips shop nearby

lots of great topic specific language


calamari and prawns

Errors are rare and you use lots of topic specific vocabulary indicating an 8, but there is not sufficient advanced language for 8. My only suggestion is to use more idiomatic language: Like maybe: breathtaking views, stunning scenery.


Grammar :

Score: 7-8

A few minor errors throughout prevents 8 but not 7

Word order

discovered there a beach THERE

article [a,an,the]

the beach is a little bit hidden

auxiliary verb should not be used

we are also sit in the sand

past tense needed

This place is where we were talking we talked for the first time about

Auxiliary verb should not be used here

we are also sit in the sand

avoid would and use present simple tense for facts and opinion

often we would bring a bottle



I feel there may be one grammatical error too many to reach 8, so this is the area you should work on most. Some idiomatic language would also be useful to ensure you reach 8 for vocabulary. Fluency and pronunciation are excellent.

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