1.Try to have a restful day; try to take the day off work or non-IELTS studies
2.Don’t try and do too much IELTS study. Limit yourself to reviewing what you have already learnt. Light study only!
3.Get a good night’s sleep the night before the test. Don’t try to go to bed too early or you’ll be up half the night staring at the ceiling.
Just get a good amount of sleep after a restful evening.

1.Clothing: wear something comfortable, you will be sitting for a long time! And if you are having a speaking test make sure you wear something that won’t offend the examiner… So for instance, no Hitler T-shirts (this has happened)!
2.Have breakfast. Even if you don’t usually have breakfast, have a light breakfast the morning of the exam. Make sure it’s mostly protein, not mostly carbohydrates like a bagel or muffin. Carbohydrates give you a quick burst but leave you feeling sleepy when they wear off. Remember that the test is over three hours long!
3.Get to the test site a bit early. I’d recommend arriving at least half an hour early, especially if you are not familiar with the location. Get there early so you can settle in calmly.
4.Choose your seat. If they let you pick your seat, choose one away from distractors like the door or windows. Also, look at the location of the speakers… Try to sit closer to those. Also avoid sitting next to people that have colds, nothing like a sneeze to ruin the answer during the listening test!

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