Cambridge IELTS Book 15

Four complete tests for either IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training. A compilation of real tests papers that allow students to experience a real version of the IELTS test and prepare for taking their own real test.

Please note that the release date published by Cambridge as June 2020. Usually, Cambridge sticks to these dates and it’s extremely unlikely that the books will be available any earlier unless somebody leaks them onto the Internet for free download. Please note that there are likely to be fake versions out there, so beware!

I will notify students as soon as the real version is available, on this webpage and on my Facebook.

In the meantime, I have a couple of suggestions.

  1. For writing and speaking, I will upload current questions from 2020 tests onto my website and you can use these to prepare for your test in 2020. IELTS speaking questions for 2020. IELTS writing questions for 2020. {please wait until mi-late Jan 2020]
  2. I’ve prepared a list of the best IELTS books for 2020
  3. Prepare for your test with previous versions of the Cambridge IELTS books. I think editions 7 to 14 are the most useful and representative of the test. Versions before this are are just getting too old.
  4. Get a free IELTS preparation guide for 2020
Cambridge IELTS book 15

[The sections below will be updated as soon as I have the book in June 2020 from Cambridge]

Academic version of the test

General version of the test

writing task one

Writing task two

Listening test

Reading test

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