Education: Advanced IELTS Language

The following vocabulary is from my IELTS ebook for part two of the writing test.

Rephrasing of some common topic words:
children = juveniles, youngsters
education= learning, instruction, acquiring knowledge
students = pupils
parents = caregivers, guardians, mothers and fathers
schools = educational institutions
society  = community, citizens
teachers = educators
Some useful Nouns

        the curriculumthe entire school program including course materials and testing of students.Everything   that a school aims to teach students.
 graduate a person who has graduated from a school
 illiteracy the inability to read and write
 literacy the ability to read and write
 nurture to help grow or develop
 pedagogy the way of teaching including the instructional methods that is used
 qualificationwhat someone gets when they graduate from school. For instance, a diploma is a     qualification.
 social skills the ability to communicate and interact well with others
 student  centred   education a philosophy of education where the student is the central focus
         tuition        the fees for studying a course

 Some useful verbs

 graduate to pass a course or level of study
 concentrate        to focus attention towards a particular activity, subject or problem
 revise to review materials that have already been taught
 enroll to join a class
 indoctrinate to teach following a biased belief or point of view. For example: Hitler indoctrinated  young Germans with a hatred for other races.
 interpret to understand in a particular way. For example, we need to interpret the meaning  of the painting.
 persevere to not give up. To keep doing something for the success is achieved.
 procrastinate to delay or put off doing something

Some useful Adjectives

 academic relating to education especially universities.
 co-educational when male and female students are taught together in the same school.
 single sex when only need male or female students are taught in the same school.
 hands-on to learn by actually doing. We can get hands-on experience by actually doing things.
 multi-disciplinary involving several different subjects or areas of study.
 pedagogical relating to teaching methods and principles.
 primary education an elementary school or the first years of formal schooling.
 secondary education high school
 segregated separated. For example, the classes are segregated by gender.
 tertiary education university or vocation school
         vocational concerns teaches the  skills  necessary for  a  particular job. This concept is   often applied to trade schools. So if you studying cooking or the penetration you are  going to a vocational school.

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