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I’m Mike Wattie ex-IELTS examiner from Australia. I have been teaching IELTS for over 20 years in Asia and Australia.

4 Ways To Help You Meet Your Goals

Writing correction service: Send me your writing tasks for correction. I give you feedback on all four grading criteria and suggestions to increase your score.

Mock Speaking tests online: Find out your level and get feedback on how to increase your score. I can give you the inside track on how to answer the examiner’s questions .

EBooks: My books are based on over twenty years of experience with the IELTS exam. Get tips, strategies, model answers, and step-by-step guidance to pass your test.

Courses: My online IELTS courses offer you the best way to pass the test due to my collective wisdom for over 20 years. You will learn how to develop the skills and strategies needed to obtain the best result.

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What My Students Say

Sarwatmaan Singh Thakuri
Sarwatmaan Singh Thakuri
I have practice speaking test from HERE and this is so useful for IELTS test. Thank you so much sir !
Fran Zy
Fran Zy
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Gislaine Melega
Gislaine Melega
This is the best writing correction service, worth every single penny. With thorough and accurate services Mr. Mike helps you to know exactly where your mistakes are and understand exactly them. Furthermore, he gives you many tips that help you with achieving the band you need. From my experience, after two times of trying and stuck at 6.5, Mr. Mike helped me a lot to get my 7 in writing. I strongly recommend his services.
Nakaba Kinoue
Nakaba Kinoue
IELTS answers is the best writing correction service site. When I took the IELTS for the first time, I got 5.0 for writing section. However, after using the writing correction here for many times, Finally I got 7.0. Mike gave me shrewd advice and acerbic comments sometimes🤣but I tried to improve my essay with his advice, leading to my achievement!!! I have utilized several writing correction, but here is the best one for me. I really recommend it to you. Hang in there:)
Shahrbanoo Kheirkhah
Shahrbanoo Kheirkhah
The writing corrections that Mike provides are professional,fast,precise and he is dedicated to guide you to improve.Therefore,I achieved band 7 by following exactly what Mike suggested.Because he had been an examiner himself,he exactly knows what the examiners are looking for and by sticking to his method you will definitely improve.I am really thankful for his great help and I recommend him to everyone who wants to succeed in IELTS .
Klad Rock
Klad Rock
I am very happy with the feedback and guidance I got from Mike. I was struggling with 0.5 marks which I was repeatedly failing to achieve to reach my target. The templates and detailed feedback provided by Mike helped me to get through. Highly recommended service.
Paola de Andrade
Paola de Andrade
Hello! My husband and I got the bands we needed on IELTS in our first attempt. We went from 5.5/6.0 to 7.0 and Mike's correction service and materials were essential to achieve that, in 2 months. They were very practical and easy to follow and assimilate. He always did the correction within 24h. We also used his Speaking Practice service, he gave us really good tips, and we did 7.0 and 7.5 in our first attempt as well. We highly recommend his services to any future test taker.
Dilukshi Perera
Dilukshi Perera
Are you stuck with a band 6.5? And don't know what more you can do? Mike will help you understand exactly what you are missing. Mike is a well-experienced IELTS examiner/teacher. I received his support in 2014 for my IELTS Speaking test and now in 2021 for my Academic Writing. His writing correction service is very quick, you can get feedback in less than 24 hours. These feedbacks not only have band scores but also thorough explanations. I learned how to improve my writing from them and that was much more than I could ever learn by following a course or by watching other youtube videos. I fully recommend Mike to anyone.
Leonardo Andrade
Leonardo Andrade
Hi everyone! I got the bands I needed on IELTS in my first attempt and I definitely think that Mr. Mike's correction service was crucial to achieving such a high score. His feedbacks are very complete and his materials are extremely helpful. I highly recommend it to any future test taker.
Baraa Oyoun Alsoud
Baraa Oyoun Alsoud
I used Mr. Mike's writing correction service for 2 months straight and sent him around 30 tasks and it was worth every penny. He helped me a lot to get a high grade in Writing from the first attempt after using his service. What I Iiked about his writing correction service is that he gives you detailed feedback, lets you know exactly what the examiner expects from you and areas of improvement for the 4 grading components of Writing, and I used to get my tasks corrected within few hours. If you put some effort and follow his comments and the extra materials (which also helped me a lot) that he will send you after correcting your tasks, then definitely you will score a high grade in Writing.

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Writing Correction

Get valuable feedback on your mistakes.

Speaking Practice

Assessment of your speaking level and suggestions to improve it.

Speaking Questions

Learn strategies to extend your answers and use advanced language.

Pro Model Essays

See essays that score band 8 and learn how to write them.


Understand the exam and how to pass it


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55 thoughts on “Homepage”

  1. This site helped me a lot to prepare myself for writing task 2 with so many examples. I took my ielts exam on June 3rd and got 7 in writing, and I very happy with it. Thanks a lot.

    1. Dear Mike,

      I would like to buy a book for the writing instruction. Could you please advise me which of the books to buy?

      I will take the academic module but I am sure that in a near future I will take and general module for immigration purpose.

      Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

      Migena Hana

  2. I was stuck on band 6.5 in writing for a long time, Mike is very kind and idicated me a right direction to imrove my score. I finally got 7 in writing. Thank you Mike !!!

  3. With Mike’s help, I successfully improved my writing from 6.5 to 7.5 and achieved an overall band of 8.5 general training module. I’d recommend Mike to anyone preparing for IELTS. Thank you Mike!

  4. After 4 times of failure i managed to get my 7 in writing thanks to mr.mike.
    This is the best writing correction service that i have tried and believe me i’ve tried a lot.
    The price is reasonable and the service is more than perfect 👌.

  5. Hi Mike,

    I sent you my 4 tasks and hopefully you can send me your feedback at earliest because my IELTS exam is after two days

    Thank you

  6. Mike is an excellent guide and really helps you build on your work. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to get a good score.
    One of the most efficient and prompt tutors for IELTS and can really help you get your desired score.
    Thank you so much Mike!

  7. I have just received my results and I got a 7! It was absolutely unexpected for me few months ago.
    I wouldn’t have gotten this band if I hadn’t been helped by Mike.
    I highly recommend him, feedbacks are always clear and comprehensive, and he answers very quickly.
    It’s the best way I found to improve efficiently my written and spoken English for the IELTS.
    Thank you Mike!

  8. Thank you very much for your great efforts. I am an IELTS Trainer from Bangladesh. I am greatly benefited from your blog. I use many resources from your blog during teaching. Please keep up the best work!!

  9. Hey, I purchased your service for correcting one writing task and sent you an email 3 days ago. I haven’t seen a reply, can you confirm the mail’s arrival?

  10. what a great content provided through this post, really your work is appreciable. Lots of information about IELTS in this single post. Really thankful of you

  11. I purchased “complete writing book IELTS 2019”. Can I know whether the section of TASK2 starting from page 116 is for IELTS GENERAL or Academic, or both? In addition, can you let me know your email address which I can send my writing for task 1, 2 for correction as you said one who purchased your book can get once your correction for writing. I’ll appreciate it, if you can send me your answer via my email. thanks,

    1. The essay section is relevant for both the academic and general test and I don’t separate between the two because there are no real differences between these two that are discernible to students. Essentially the question types of the same and there may or may not be differences in the topics that are asked. You can find my email address to send your tasks for writing correction here [you don’t need to make a payment because you’ve got a free correction with the purchase of your book]:

  12. also I have no idea what is different between Complete writing 2019 and How to pass your Ielts 2021. Essay writing in “how to pass your ielts 2021” is for Academic or General or both? If I finished studying “complete writing 2019” should I study 2021 ebook also? 2021 ebook have any redundant contents which I don’t need to see again?

    1. Let me explain the main differences between the Complete writing ebook and How to pass your Ielts 2021 e-book
      Complete writing 2019 e-book focuses on a step-by-step approach to writing. The essay section is relevant for both the academic and general test
      How to pass your Ielts 2021 focuses on model answers for writing topics. The essay section is relevant for both the academic and general test and I don’t separate between the two because there are no real differences between these two that are discernible to students. Essentially the question types of the same and there may or may not be differences in the topics that are asked

      I suggest you read the complete e-book first and then go on to the 2021 model answers

  13. Are you still the examiner in marking the IELTS writing tasks now? Or you are the examiner to mark other tasks, like listening and writing?

    1. HI I sent you an email about it. You can just send your writing tasks to my email
      You do not really need to login.

  14. I do consider all of the ideas you have presented to your post.
    They’re really convincing and can certainly
    work. Nonetheless, the posts are too quick for starters.
    May just you please lengthen them a bit from next time?
    Thank you for the post.

  15. Hello, I purchased your service for correcting one writing task and I send my first essay, but I’m not sure if you receive it. can you please confirm that you receive it ?
    Thank you

  16. Hi Mike,
    I just remembered you today. I had to give General IELTS back in the year 2020 for the purpose of immigrating to Canada. I wasn’t so strong in writing, so I got some essays corrected by you, and I also went through all the free materials that you provide on your website, all of which had helped me immensely in achieving the band 7.5 that I required in writing. I have recently completed the immigration process. I am so thankful to you for your guidance and wish you the best 🙂

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