How to Pass IELTS Reading

How to Pass IELTS Reading

To pass your IELTS Reading Test you need to be able to complete 40 questions in about 20 minutes. In order to achieve a high-score you must prepare for your test well.  I have summarized the main ways to prepare effectively below: 

  1. learn skills
  1. Practice different types of questions
  1. Do ALL the Cambridge books of past test papers 7-12!

I welcome you to ask questions using the comment box at the bottom of this post.pass your ielts reading test

6 thoughts on “How to Pass IELTS Reading”

  1. Sir,

    But in reading can we write all BLOCK letters such as for example: ROCKS@GMAIL.COM or 4PM or 4 O’CLOCK or IPHONE (which is iPhone). Because in reading section, there are completion type questions where we need to write exactly what is written in the paragraph like if it is ” beetles” we need to write “beetles” but can we write BEETLES”???

    • Yes, you can write “beetles” or BEETLES…even you can write BeEtleS!

      The marker is not supposed to consider capitalization for listening or reading tests

  2. Hello,

    Can u please tell me how to write the answers in both listening and reading sections. I mean whats recommended to write lowercase letters with first letter using capitals as and when required or completely all 40 qns in answer sheet as BLOCK LETTERS? Im totally confused. Some say lowercase and others say preferably block letters. I am not understanding what to do ???

    Please guide me sir.

    • You can write whatever you like for both listening and reading sections.
      capitalisation is not assessed, so for proper nouns like place names it doe snot matter if you capitalise the
      first letter or not. As well as this hyphens do not matter so “right-handed man” and “right handed man” are both ok.
      1. you must note write more words than the instructions specify
      2. spelling must be correct


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