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Reading Skills and Practice tests
General Reading Test eBook:
This 162 page book teaches you all the skills and strategies you need to know to pass the IELTS Reading General test. This book introduces all the question types commonly used in the IELTS exam and it also includes five full practice tests. As an added benefit you can ask the author questions if any part doesn’t make sense. I think this is quite special!

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 Academic Reading Test eBook:
This IELTS Academic Reading Test book teaches you the skills and strategies you need to answer the twelve question types commonly used in the IELTS exam and it also includes five full practice tests. You can purchase this ebook in pdf format for $16

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This book helps you to prepare for the IELTS Reading exam by introducing and explaining how to answer the common question types including: matching; true, false, not given; headings; summary completion; multiple choice; table completion; labelling flowcharts / processes; matching paragraph selection; yes, no, not given; short answers; diagrams; sentence completion.

The five full practice tests matches the complexity of the real test by using articles that accurately match the length in the real exam (about 800 words) , and uses a range of question types to ensure you are prepared to sit your real IELTS reading test.

As an added bonus, you can directly ask the author any questions you have while reading this book. Essentially you have his support after buying this book and you are welcome to send your questions to:

This is extremely valuable as you no longer have to sit puzzled about the answer to a question!

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  1. Mohamed Elshoura

    I have purchased General Reading Test eBook may be two years ago, Is there any significant difference between two editions?

      1. Mohamed Elshoura

        thanks a lot for your prompt response, I really appreciate your effort!

        I have replied to your Kind email, inquiring, Is there any available update for the writing series Task 1 and task 2 as well?

        Best regards,

  2. Hi Mike,

    Can you please email me some practice material for listening writing and listening. my email id is “”


  3. I bought your IELTS Academic Reading book 9 days ago and downloaded it . But I couldn’t open the PDF file because I couldn’t find any password for the PDF file. I will be grateful to you if you send the password for this book. My email is

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