Methods to plan a part 2 speaking answer

Methods to plan a part 2 speaking answer

Three Methods to plan a part 2 speaking answer. Watch the video and then the model answers are written below the video

Method 1: Follow the bullet points

Describe your favorite singer or actor
You should say:
• who he or she is
• what his or her personality is like
• how you know about this person
and explain why he or she is your favorite.

I’m going to describe my favourite singer Lady Gaga. She’s been a popular songwriter and musical performer for the last decade.

When it comes to her personality, she is the most extroverted person I know. She really loves performing in front of large crowds, and isn’t shy to interact with her fans and the media back in the dressing room. I think this is her most defining characteristic. As well as this, a lot of people don’t realise that she’s heavily involved in charities especially for young children in developing countries. So, I’d also say she’s one of the most kindhearted celebrities that I know.

Turning to how I first learnt about her, I can remember it clearly; it was the MTV music awards and she came out dressed in clothing made out of meat. This shocked people all around the world and achieved her objective of bringing attention to cruelty to animals and in particular the issue of vivisection… You know, harming animals just for research purposes.

Finally, regarding why she is my favourite performer, I would have to say it’s because of the amazing lyrics she produces. She writes these herself and they are always so catchy and memorable. I really like the song paparazzi and the way that it draws attention to the nefarious side of the media. Another great song of hers is Bad Romance. I think almost everybody has experienced one of these and so the song really resonates with her audience.

Method 2: Like & Dislike

Describe a home that you like to visit but do not want to live in
You should say:
• where it is
• what it is like
• why you like to visit it
and explain why you would not like to live there.

The place I’m gonna describe that I enjoy visiting but wouldn’t want to live in is my grandfather’s house, which is located in the southern island of New Zealand.

I’m very keen on visiting it because I always enjoy seeing my grandparents who live in the house and also my cousins who live nearby. It’s always great to catch up and have a chinwag about what’s been going on in our lives. Another reason why am fond of going there is because of its coastal location. From the balcony I can have panoramic views of the ocean. It’s also only a five minute stroll down to the ocean and as I am  a big fan of snorkelling and swimming I’m always keen to have a vacation there.

However, I must say that I would not want to live there for a couple of reasons. The main one is because I really can’t stand being far from the city. You know it’s just too inconvenient to catch a movie or do any kind of serious shopping for things like accessories for my computer. It’s also quite far away from most of my friends and social network. Furthermore, the decoration is simply not my cup of tea. The main reason is because it’s quite rundown and hasn’t been redecorated in over a decade. Also, it’s old-fashioned Victorian style with lofty ceilings which I’m really not into.

Method 3: tell a story

Describe a time when your computer broke down.
You should say:
• when it was
• what you were doing
• what you did about it
and explain how you felt about it

The time I’d like to describe to you is when my computer got a nasty virus.

Well, I was working away on an urgent assignment that I had to turn in at the end of the weekend. I’d been putting this off for weeks, and finally I just had to get stuck in and get it done. I was working flat out, as I needed to write 10,000 words. Suddenly, my screen went black, and I started to freak out because I knew I’d got a virus. I had the dreaded black screen of death and I knew I was in trouble.

Luckily, I have a friend who is a bit of a computer whizz and he came over with what he said was the best antivirus software available. I don’t understand everything, but it seems he went into DOS and operated my computer from there to avoid the virus. It took a few hours for him to install the antivirus. Then, we had to run the antivirus software and cross our fingers that it would work and kill the virus.

I felt over the moon when my computer was able to reboot normally and run Windows. That famous blue screen never looked so good! I got cracking on my assignment again and several hours later it was done, finished, 10,000 words! I was so relieved. To express my gratitude to my friend for killing the virus and also to celebrate finishing my assignment, I took my friend out for dinner, we ate steaks medium rare with all the garnishes and they tasted so good!

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