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In some countries, more people are becoming interested in finding out about the history of the house or building they live in.
What are the reasons for this?
How can people research this question?

In many nations, people have an increasing fascination with learning about the background of their place of residence. This essay discusses some of the motives for this as well as how people can unearth this kind of information.

There are two main reasons for this phenomenon. The primary one is due to concern over potential building problems. By examining past records of ones place of abode the structural soundness of the building can be determined. Moreover, many people like to verify that high-quality building materials were used. Another factor is due to curiosity. Many people wonder about who has lived in their house in the past and delight over the potential discovery of previous occupancy by a famous person.

There are many methods to discover the history of a building. The most effective one is to check public records. From these records we are able to determine who the building was built by and blueprints of the structural integrity of the construction. Another effective method is to simply ask neighbours. In many cases, neighbours have been living in the area for a long time and have a wealth of information. Furthermore, houses in the same neighbourhood often share many characteristics.

In conclusion, the main reasons why people are interested in discovering the background of their places of residence is due to concern over the structural soundness of the premises as well as a natural curiosity. The best ways to find out this information are to search public records or simply ask around the neighbourhood.

In their advertising, businesses nowadays usually emphasise that their products are new in some way.
Why is this?
Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

Companies often advertise their merchandise as having novel features. The reason for this is that product differentiation is often critical to convincing consumers to purchase. This is a progressive development as it leads to more informed consumers.

The motivation for commercials to highlight product innovations is to persuade consumers to purchase the featured products. By communicating the unique features of a product consumers may be convinced to purchases it. This is because they will see the featured product as being better than others. For instance, every time Apple releases a new version of their I-phone the new features of it are clearly articulated to potential purchasers.  This highlights the value that can be derived from upgrading your phone to the latest version of the Apple brand, which increases the likelihood of a purchase.

This is phenomenon is highly beneficial to consumers as they become more informed shoppers. By having the information about a products unique and novel features savvy consumers are able to make product comparisons and choose the exact product that best suits their unique circumstances. For instance, I purchased an I-phone 12 because I saw that it has the highest camera resolution of all phones currently available. As an amateur photographer, the purchase of this phone ensures that I can take the best photos possible with a smartphone, and this feature was well worth the high price tag to me.

In conclusion, companies are choosing to advertise the new features of their products as a way of convincing shoppers to purchase their products. This is a highly constructive phenomenon as it is leading to more informed consumers who are making better purchasing decisions.

Many manufactured food and drink products contain high levels of sugar, which causes many health problems. Sugary products should be made more expensive to encourage people to consume less sugar.
Do you agree or disagree?

Many people believe that food and beverages that are high in sugar should be sold at high prices to discourage people from consuming these unhealthy products. I totally disagree because I think that it is unfair to consumers charge more for these products and also because there are other more effective ways to discourage consumption of these types of goods.

The main reason why I believe these products should not be made more expensive is that it is unfair to shoppers. These types of goods, when consumed in moderation, are not a health risk and therefore it does not seem reasonable that everybody who consumes these goods should have to pay more. Furthermore, for people on a tight budget, a sweet snack is an affordable luxury. However, if prices are hiked this might put people’s favourite snack out of reach.

In addition, there are more effective ways to decrease the consumption of sugary goods. The best way is for the government to engage in public service advertising to educate the public about the need to eat these types of products in moderation. This type of approach has been useful with other vices such as alcohol and cigarettes and so it seems reasonable that it will also work for sugary products. Another effective way to decrease the consumption is to ban advertising of these types of products. I feel this will be effective because it will create less of a psychological desire to consume these types of goods.

In conclusion, I am totally against increasing the price of confectionery. This is because it is not fair to consumers and there are better ways to reduce consumption of these sugary goods.

In the future all cars, buses, and trucks will be driverless. The only people travelling inside these vehicles would be passengers.
Do you think the advantages of driverless vehicles outweigh the disadvantages?

Technological advances are leading towards all vehicles becoming automated and not having a driver. I believe the merits of this far exceed the drawbacks.

The main benefit of this phenomenon is the increase in safety. The absence of a driver means that human error can be totally eliminated. More precisely, car accidents will no longer result from a lapse of concentration or poor judgment in the operation of a vehicle. For example, there will no longer be an issue with intoxicated drivers getting behind the wheel and endangering themselves and others on the road.

In addition, it will be more enjoyable for all occupants of a vehicle as no one will have to perform driving duties. People who would have been drivers can now relax during a journey. For instance, they will be able to watch movies or interact with their friends on social media while travelling. Furthermore, the stress of a long drive can be avoided, meaning that they can arrive at the destination in a more relaxed state.

However, there are likely to be cyber-criminals who will attempt to take advantage of this situation. Hackers may seize control of these vehicles and use them for their own nefarious purposes. For example, a hacker could use an automated vehicle as a getaway vehicle or to block traffic in order to evade the police. Even worse, they could hack into police vehicles rendering them useless in a chase.

In conclusion, I believe that the positives of this phenomenon greatly outweigh the negatives. This is because the increase in safety and enjoyment when travelling surpass the threat posed by cyber-criminals. Therefore, this new technology should be embraced.

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  1. 16 task 4 writing 2

    Technology innovation has brought benefit to our daily life. In the coming decades, all vehicles will be driven remotely without drivers. In my point of view, the upsides of driverless transportation can overtake the downsides.

    This strategy can effectively save time to those depends on travelling with their private cars. For workers who need to work cross the region could use those time spending on driving on other meaningful activity, which could help them to spare their hands to deal with personal stuff or have meeting with clients, possibly leading to profit making and success at work. In addition, tourists who like to have road trip could free their hands to have more valuable time with their accompany, so as to admire the views passing by.

    On the other hand, some argue that remote vehicles may lower the living standard of drivers. Replacing by artificial intelligence, the previous drivers will become unemployed, which means they no longer have a stable salary to support their living. However, as the government has cut down the cost of hiring public transports’ driver, this could lead to saving the expenses for allocating resources to other major social crisis, such as build more public housing and provide subsidize for needy to support their living satisfactory. This trend would bring merits to people in other way.

    In conclusion, when automatic transport is imposed in the future, it would save public’s time cost whereas leading to a lost of living standard. Fortunately, the impact could be diminished by some government policy, ultimately, maximize the cost effectiveness.

  2. 16 task 3 writing 2

    The obesity rate in the world is rapidly increasing. Some diseases are caused by consuming too much sugar in their food or drink. Some state that the price of sugary products should increase owing to reduce the consumption of sugar. I strongly agree with this statement as it can effectively diminish people’s desire to consume sweets, also could probably reduce the amount of the supply of sweet products.

    First of all, the desire to eat desserts may decrease. When the cost to consume desserts are dramatically grew, it may become unaffordable to some individual while they are not able to buy sugary food but can only choose some healthy and cheap food. A case in point is that the American government imposes a Fat tax on all sugary product, by increasing 50% from the original price. In addition, Americans considerably control the frequency on buying sweets. When the price is no longer appealing to people, they will turn their appetite to other food. Ultimately, this is a successful way to control the consumption of unhealthy products.

    As for the food companies, they may lower the supply on food which contain sugar if the price of sugary products are restricted by government. From an economic point of views, when the demand decrease, the supply will eventually decrease due to the company do not want to be in the red. Therefore, when the sweets products option is decreased, people may grow a new diet habit with only consuming sufficient amount of sugar. Ultimately, people will not depend on sweets but organic products instead.

    In conclusion, it is obviously can control the sugar intake of people by the booming price of sugary products while people will choose healthier food rather than candy and the sugar factory may decline the production of sugar.

    1. I will point out three mistakes. If you want a complete edit please use my writing service.
      For details about my writing service please refer to the link below:

      1. Some diseases are caused by consuming = Some diseases are caused by PEOPLE consuming
      2. also could probably reduce the amount of the supply of sweet products = also IT could probably reduce the amount of the supply of sweet products
      3. “A case in point” makes it seem like the tax is ALREADY imposed, but it is not
      3. paragraph 3 I cant see why people are going for organic products; it seems it is just not sugary products…they might have a glass of ornage juice, but it does not mean the oranges are organic.

      overall 6

  3. It is expected that in the near future conveyance by all means of
    transports is about to be hold by Al technologies and commuters will
    be able to use them without any drivers. This essay will demonstrate
    how self-driving vehicles could provide improvements in society but
    will also show that it can lead unemployement.Whilist acknowledging
    that there are drawbacks, I believe that the merits of driverless
    transports surpasses its demerits
    As the technologies being developed in the recent decades, huge
    number of innovations which have many advantages are being
    introducesed to the society, the one is autonomous cars.First and
    foremost they creates comfortability to the public with quick and easy
    transportation. For instance a person can order a taxi in advance
    simply by using his phone and it saves his time.Secondly after the
    replacement of all vehicles from nonautonomous into self-driving
    ones, the traffic starts to be managed systematically by Al
    technologies, causing to the increase in safety level and this leads to
    prevention of many lives.In 2019 a group of inventors tried this
    method in a little town of California state and study showed that it
    works perfectly.
    On the other hand development of driverless transports results job
    loss in many working areas such as taxi, bus driver and driving
    instructors.It is obvious that nowdays there are thousands of people
    working in those fields and the development of vehicles could result
    to the increase of poverty among public.This change can be the core
    of several other problems,for instance rise of crime rates lack of
    education for the children of poor families and etc.
    In conclusion,when the expectation about future transports becomes
    reality it can lead to many positive changes in society including better
    security and prevention of traffic congestions and also some small
    disadvantages could be seen such as job loss.

    1. I have a paid service if you want to use that and get full feedback

      For free corrections all I’m willing to do is find three errors.
      1. Transport is uncountable
      2. The last sentence of the introduction is messy and you could just write something along the lines of “This essay discusses why the merits of self-driving vehicles outweigh the drawbacks”
      3. The first sentence of paragraph 2 is unnecessarily long and has about three errors in it. Just write a clear and concise sentence like
      “There are many benefits of self-driving vehicles”

  4. My IELTS exam is on 17th of February and I am struggling mainly for writing task 2 as well as task 1 especially map and processed diagram.
    I am afraid that I will stuck at 5.5 . Please help out me for this.

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