Environment: Advanced IELTS Language

Environment: Advanced IELTS Language

The list of words below can be used to show the examiner you have talent with language related to the topic of the environment.

The following table of nouns is from my IELTS ebook for part two of the writing test. The ebook also include verbs and adjectives.

Some useful nouns

Word Meaning
biodegradable something that is able to decay naturally and harmlessly.
biodiversity refers to the number and variety of plant and animal species that exist in a particular environmental area or in the world generally.
climate the weather conditions of a region
climate change the concept that change is occurring to the earth’s climate. [Many people believe this is based on the influence of people].
deforestation the process by which the forests are cut down.
desertification the process by which fertile land is turned into deserts
fossil fuels a natural fuel such as coal, gas, or oil formed over long periods of time from the remains of living organisms.
energy conservation saving energy
environment the place where people animals and plants live, also known as the natural world.
extinction the complete dying out of species
habitat a place where animals and plants live
natural resources resources derived from the environment. For example, wood and oil.
renewable energy describes a form of energy that can be produced as quickly as it is used, such as solar energy.

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