How to pass IELTS speaking

How to pass IELTS speaking

To pass your IELTS Speaking Test you need to be able to speak with an examiner for about 14 minutes. In order to achieve a high-score you must prepare for your test well.  I have summarized the main ways to prepare effectively below:

  1. learn idiomatic expressions
  2. learn some topic specific vocabulary
  3. See model answers for common topics
  4. write out and rehearse some likely topics for part 2 speaking especially cover people/places/things you can see questions using this link, but the idea is that if you prepare an answer for a person, you try to use that to answer a question for any person or when talking about a place you may also be able to include part of your talk about the person.
  5. Get your speaking assessed by a tutor who has trained as an examiner

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