Opinion [Argument] Essay

Opinion [Argument] Essay

This is one of the three types of essays in the IELTS writing exam. You should learn how to structure each type of essay, as each of the three questions requires a different structure.

Sample IELTS essay question
Computers are being used more and more in education and some people believe there will soon be no role for the teacher in education.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Steps in Planning your IELTS Essay
1.Underline key vocabulary in the question and write words with the same or related meaning.
2.Decide what kind of response is needed.
3.Brainstorm key points for the answer.
4.Decide on the structure of the essay 

Steps in writing your Essay
1.Paraphrase the question
2. State your position [totally/strongly/somewhat+  agree/disagree]

3. Write topic sentences for each body paragraph
Sequencing word  +  topic + point
The main reason why I believe teachers are necessary is because they are essential for disciplining and motivating students

4. Summarise main points
5. Give your final opinion or recommendation/ restate your position

Sample IELTS opinion essay
Computing technology is being used increasingly in the classroom and some people believe that educators will become redundant. I somewhat disagree that teachers will be replaced by machines.

The main reason why I think that teachers are essential is because they encourage and discipline students. Many people find it difficult to be interested in learning new things. Therefore educators are needed to make classes more interesting and stimulate students’ desires for learning. Also, in the case of young people, teachers often need to force students to learn through the use of punishments.

Another reason why teachers are needed is because they can teach young people important skills and values. This is because educators serve as role models to their students and teach them how to appropriately interact with their peers. Therefore, if people only learn using machines they will lose the opportunity to learn important social skills and values.

However, studying over the Internet certainly offers a lot of convenience. First, we are able to study in the comfort of our own homes, without the need to commute to school. Second, we can choose to study at any time we like even in the middle of the night.

In conclusion, I somewhat disagree that machines can replace teachers. This is because teachers can encourage students to learn and teach them how to interact with other people. However, computers do offer the ability for people to learn anywhere at any time.

Template for opinion essay
The template below has been used to write the essay below it.

Some people believe [rephrase topic]
I totally agree/disagree with this opinion because [reason 1 + reason 2]

Paragraph 2
The main reason why I believe/don’t believe XYZ is because… [reason 1]

Paragraph 3
Another reason why I support/don’t support the notion that XYZ is due to the fact that… [reason 2]

In conclusion, I completely agree/disagree that XYZ because [rephrase reason 1] and [rephrase reason 2].
Given this situation, it seems that [give a final recommendation or opinion]

The main reason why I believe a minimum standard of health care is needed is because it’s a human right to have some level of access to health services. In some situations, such as when a person doesn’t have a job, basic healthcare should be available. For instance, if somebody has a life-threatening car accident emergency services should be available free of charge. This is because it is not humane to let a person die just because they don’t have sufficient funds to pay for treatment in this sort of situation.

 Another reason why I support the notion that free health you should pre-provided is due to the fact that it is sometimes necessary to protect the health of all citizens. Certain medical situations, such as an outbreak of a virus, require quick and widespread medical attention. This can best be achieved by having a free medical system, in order to circumvent financial issues that might prevent certain individuals from having access to treatment. For example, the current coronavirus is spreading more rapidly in countries without free healthcare because people are often reluctant or unable to seek attention if they have to pay for it.

 In conclusion, I completely agree that every country should have basic minimum level of health because it is a basic human right and it’s necessary to prevent widespread medical crises such as the Corona virus.


42 thoughts on “Opinion [Argument] Essay”

  1. Most people have forgotten the meaning behind traditional or religious festivals, during festival periods, people nowadays only want to enjoy themselves. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    In recent years, there is a common belief that the meanings of festivals have faded away due to many reasons. I totally agree with this view and in this essay, I will discuss two main reasons.
    Initially, with the fast pace of modern life, traditional and religious festivals no longer be focused as these were. Nowadays, festivals have become the time for businessmen to advertise and emphasize the sales of products that are related to festivals, instead of concerning about what festivals mean in terms of religion and culture. In other words, these occasions are the platforms for companies to earn profits from them. This may lead to the situation that the authentic meaning and spiritual significance have been eroded gradually and will vanish forever.
    Another factor that contributes to the bad scenario is cultural exchanges. Youngsters prefer foreign celebrations to their own cultural festivals, they tend to ignore these festivals’ values. Enjoying foreign occasions is not bad, however, people, especially the young generation engage in these festivals without a comprehensive understanding of their meanings. Younger people are prone to enjoy festivals just because the festival is currently famous and they follow it as a trend.
    In conclusion, it can’t be denied that the true values of traditional festivals have been forgotten, I believe that it’s necessary for each individual to preserve these cultural festivals together.

  2. Hello, thank you so much for such constructive advice and guidance. But I’m a bit baffled how should I develop a final recommendation or opinion in the conclusion? I am concerned that my final recommendation may be off-topic.

    Take the prompt “Many people live in a number of places in their childhood years. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?” as an example. In the body paragraphs I stated that the merits of this are Expanded worldview and Enhanced social skills and the demerits are Educational disruptions and Emotional impact. Then I concluded as I think the merits are more significant,… then recommended that parental support and supervision is needed to ameliorate the demerits. Did I go too far from the topic?

    • That all seems fine to me….as long as your conclusion summarises the advantages and disadvantages and then mentions “parental support and supervision is needed to ameliorate the demerits”

  3. Hello, I wanted to send an essay for correction. If I write an essay which question “Is it a positive or negative development ?” or “Do you think this is a positive or a negative development ?”, should I write it like an opinion essay: discuss only sides that I agree with?

  4. Nowaday, computers are the basis of the mordern world. Some people believe that government should used computers into classrooms and direct teaching purpose. In my opinion, this view have a plenty of benefits, but on other aspect it also have some drawbacks for teenagers. The following will analyse this statement in detail.
    On the on hand, computers can support teacher, tutor and professional for trainning their youngs talent generations who contribute their ability for the development of nation. it also help students easier to understand and imagine lesson by the amazing method. To illustrate, understanding theoretical knowledge is really hard for students, but with the address of computer it is more simple by 3D printer. Making an interest of each subject to ever teenagers at education.Furthermore, computer can save amount of knowledge and information and also thought the internet tutor and teenagers can search a big data of knowledge. With that diversity about information children can improve their acquainted. For instance, there are a lot of free course in the internet which can help teenagers have more knowledge in the fields they were worried. In addition, computer can be an equipment for youngs generation communiti with other children in all around the world. they can share their cutura, style and knowledge together.
    On the other hand, too overdepency on morden technology will lead student lose their concentrate because of having a plenty of interesting things on the internet such as game, film and entertainment website. When teenagers can not concentrate in their learning, their score, mark and achivement will be worde thought per time. For example, if student addicted to game, they will not have enough time for learnning and preparing at home, so they can not have the good achivement. Moreover, these will be lose the interaction between teacher and students. Many knowledge on the internet are fake information which were not confirm by the professional. it is very dangerous for the youngs generation and make terrible influence to them more exaggeration is to the country’s development.
    To conclude, introducing computer into edcation have advantages and drawbacks appropriate with each person and each situation, so governments need to have bright choice to support their yongs generation improve themselves better than before for contributing to the nation.

    • Your opinion is not clear you should look at my model answer. Especially, I want to know in the introduction and conclusion the extent you agree or disagree.

  5. Hi Mike
    I have been watching your videos and they are really helpful.
    Can you tell me what band score this essay will get?
    It is important for people to take risks, both in their professional lives and their personal lives. Do you think the advantages of taking risks outweigh the disadvantages?

    Living has a range of multiple-choice, sometimes this is a good or dangerous way but people have to choose a flexible way for themself. They might take risks in their career life as well as personal lives. Personally speaking, in some situations the merit is better than the drawback. In this essay, this phenomenon will be discussed.

    Firstly, risk-taking is one of the ways to make individual experience to be successful. For example, Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard to focus on building Facebook, it could be replaced by another platform and now Facebook is the biggest social media. In my country, Ho Chi Minh’s president as known Uncle Ho, he was traveled around the world and do everything job to have enough money to study and support the journey to save the country and national liberation. If he did not leave Viet Nam without money, we could not be independence. What is more, risky situations teach people to make fast and exact.

    In contrast, making a risky move may hurt a person short time. Teenagers are psychologically controlled by their parents because they still receive financial support from them. When they want to follow their dream and beyond their life so they do not have money from their parent. Maybe they feel a short-term downside of losing in the way they choose. However, all mistakes they have taught help them go out of their comfort zone. For instance, Thomas Alva Edison was the person who invented the Light Bulb, trying more and more after many failures to finally be successful with the invention. In Viet Nam, we have the idiom Do not give up yet, Failures teach success, which makes people have a strong mind to face difficult challenges in their life.

    In conclusion, taking risks is a task for people to complete, then life teaches them the right way to follow. Although making a risk may harm an individual for a short- time, this downside incredibly creates a life-changing and strong mind for them. So one should prepare oneself with some skills to make them more confident to face challenges.

  6. In the first paragraph of your sample essay you have written about the other side of the argument; saying,

    “…. . Therefore, if people only learn using machines they will lose the opportunity to learn important social skills and values.”

    How is this idea matches to the topic here. how does it affects the cohesion? is it only appropriate here because of your unfavorable opinion (i.e. somewhat agree) ?

    If you have completely agreed with the “teachers are a must” idea, would writing this sentence in the body paragraph would reduce the cohesion?

    for example:

    When it comes to planning and constructing new buildings in large towns, it usually carried out in two ways. Mainly, either by the government of a given city proposes a plan for the structure according to the city’s plan or an investor chooses the design for their buildings. This essay discusses both views and supports the idea that authorities should carry out the planning.

    The design of a building includes its structural as well as cosmetic values. When investors employ designers to design a building, they usually hire the best in their field who have lots of experience and unique ideas. These designers can create strong structures while it gives iconic value to the city. For instance, Tokyo Skytree not only a popular tourist attraction but also a strategically placed communication tower. If authorities override this flaw and use their designers, every building may seem similar, creating a boring town.

    If you take the last sentence of above paragraph, it is somewhat related to the approach you took in this essay. is this ok?

    • It’s incredibly difficult to try and establish what it is you’re trying to ask me but I will attempt to answer your questions below.

      1. “…. . Therefore, if people only learn using machines they will lose the opportunity to learn important social skills and values. This sentence is providing contrast. It’s supporting the need for teachers by explaining what happens if teachers aren’t used. This has nothing to do with whether my opinion is somewhat agree or totally agree. This paragraph is about why I agree teachers are necessary and this point is supporting the reason why I agree. It’s the third body paragraph that deals with why I disagree…. In order to support my stated overall opinion in the introduction that I somewhat agree
      2. “If you have completely agreed with the “teachers are a must” idea, would writing this sentence in the body paragraph would reduce the cohesion?” No. I really think you have misunderstood something.
      3. “If you take the last sentence of above paragraph, it is somewhat related to the approach you took in this essay. is this ok?” Oh gosh it is just too difficult try and understand what you trying to ask me here… I really don’t know what approach you referring to in this sentence and whether or not your last sentence fits with this or not.

  7. Hi Mike,

    your introduction says,


    Some people believe [rephrase topic]

    I totally agree/disagree with this opinion because [reason 1 + reason 2]

    But I don’t see any of your introductions for opinion essays have reasons in the introduction.

    For example,

    “Technology is being used increasingly in the classroom and some people believe that educators will become redundant. I somewhat disagree that teachers will be replaced by machines.”

    1) Rephrase the question
    2) Just the opinion

    What is the correct form here?

  8. Hi Mike

    in your model answer I noticed that you wrote a new idea in your conclusion, that you did not mention any thing about it in body paragraph (However, computers do offer the ability for people to learn anywhere at any time.)

    I feel it is not perfect to mention something for the first time in conclusion.

  9. Hi Mike
    i have been watching your videos and they are really helpful.
    Can you tell me what band score this essay will get.
    Much thanks!

    some people say that in order for a hobby to be enjoyable, it must be hard in some way.
    do you agree or disagree?

    Whether or not a hobby should be tougher is a debatable topic.It is often argued by some people that for a pastime to be amusing, it must be hard in one way or the other. I entirely disagree with this notion, as a hard hobby is likely to be given up and it may put added stress on the person.
    The main reason why I believe this is that people might be fed up with their hobby if it is tough. It is because people may not be able to go any further at some stage of its pursuit and hence, they may give it up altogether. Consider someone who tends to like solving puzzles in his free time. If he is not able to solve a difficult one, he will get annoyed at being stuck. After failing several times, he may lose interest in it and consequently may not try it again.

    Another reason is that complicated hobbies may be additional stress on an individual. Hobbies are meant to be fun and stress-relievers. However, if they are demanding, they may superimpose on the pressure a person already has. For instance, consider someone whose work requires physical work and chooses gardening as a source of pleasure. Although it may please him, he might not be able to pursue it for an adequate time as it will tire him up.

    It can be concluded: some people argue that only sophisticated hobbies can be fun. However, I believe that a rather simple one is better as compared to complex one as they may end up being boring and putting more stress on the pursuer.

    • Whether or not a hobby should be [tougher] TOUGH

      This is probably going to be 6.5 overall due to a low score for task response. The problem with the task response is that you have focused on the opposite of what you’re supposed to be doing.
      You have explained why difficult hobbies won’t be enjoyable… But you’re supposed to be arguing why hobbies have to be easy to be enjoyable. Sorry but it’s not the same thing! All you need to do to get this essay to band seven or above is reshaped the way you’ve presented your ideas.
      1. hobbies should be easy so that people will want to keep doing them [instead discussing quitting difficult hobbies]
      2. hobbies should be easy so that they are stress relieving [instead of difficult hobbies are stressful]

  10. Greetings Sir!
    i have just started watching your videos and they are really helpful. I ll highly appreciate if you can give a and score of this essay. Thanks in anticipation.

    Some people think that women should not be allowed to work in police force.Do you agree or disagree?

    It is often argued by some that females should not be employed by the department of police. I entirely disagree with this notion as not only hiring women as police officers will lead to gender equality, but it will also be suitable in some situations.

    The main reason why i believe this is, if ladies work in the department of security, it will be a significant step towards ending gender discrimination. People tend to claim that the counterpart of men is weak and easily overpowered and hence should not be employed for such demanding jobs. However, by working in an organization that demands agility and physicality, ladies will have a chance to prove them wrong. These officers can serve as role models, and it may influence other departments to change their policy of hiring males only.

    Another reason why women may be employed in the police force is their suitability for specific tasks and circumstances. Some aspects of police’s work might require dealing with compassion and politely. Women can serve this purpose well as opposed to their more stringent counterparts. For instance, police officers at the airport security-checks need to behave well with the passengers. As females are relatively more friendly, people like them to be performing these sort of jobs rather than males. Based on their suitability for the work, women should be given priority in such cases.

    It can be concluded that some people tend to argue that only males should be working in the police department. However, I would suggest that females should be hired as well because this would promote their fundamental right to equality, and they fit specific areas of the job better.

  11. Due to the increase in usage of computing technology in the teaching domain, there may not be any need of teachers for schooling in the future. I somewhat disagree with this notion as teachers can influence the students and are always needed in some cases; however, computers are cheap and convenient.

    The main reason why teachers are essential is that they can serve as role models for their pupils. Students are often impressionable and can be impressed by the good qualities of their teachers. For example, if a teacher maintains cleanliness, students will do that too. Thus, teachers can offer more than just formal education by influencing children to do good.
    Another reason is that some situations demand educators instead of computers. Consider teaching students with disabilities who need to be handled with care and are unable to use machines. As machines may only use specified ways to teach, they can not adapt to the requirements of the learner. Therefore, teachers are better able to cater to the needs of disabled pupils in particular.

    On the contrary, computers can be helpful in education as they are economical. It can save people from extra dues like commuting to schools and school fees. Additionally, they make the process of learning easy. Not only we can study at the comfort of our homes, but also we can study at any time of the day.

    It can be concluded that computers are easy to use and budget-friendly, whereas teachers can serve as ideals and fulfill the demands of their students. That is why tutors would still be needed even in the presence of the technology.

    • You say you somewhat disagree but then you do not really provide any reasons to not disagree. You give advantages of computers, which seems like a reason to not agree
      but these advantages are not reasons to not have teachers. So really you have totally disagreed. For somewhat disagree you need to say a situation where we do not need teachers.
      For instance, “Adults don’t need teachers because they don’t need teachers to serve as role models or to monitor their behaviour”

      Safer and easier to just totally agree/disagree!

  12. Why you not use in introductions this sentence (in this essay iwill discuss my opinion and will give examples) during give your opinion

    • That is OK, but I think it is better to say what your opinion is and why:
      “I totally disagree because it is cheaper and more convenient”

  13. Hi, Mike. thanks for the video. i have a question. in this type of opinion essay – “‘to what extent do you agree or disagree”, i thought is 50-50 essay where you give like 2 points to agree and 2 points to disagree with the question. Also, do you need to totally agree in this type of opinion essay or you somewhat or partly agree?

    • The word extent is a key here. Extent means how much. You have been asked how much you agree or disagree.
      It could be totally agree, strongly agree, somewhat agree…. And the same for disagreeing.
      it’s important that your opinion matches what you write in the body of the essay.
      If you totally agree then you are only going to be writing about agreeing.
      if you somewhat agree then you going to be giving reasons for agreeing and disagreeing.

  14. Hi Mike. Is there an template which we can follow like the one given in both sided essay ?
    and Thank you for such helpful videos and tips

  15. Hi mike, i bought your book task 2. Something it`s still not clear for me. It is how can I play the next question. I`m struggling with what its the right structure for.
    Some museums and art galleries charge admission fees, while others have free entry. What are the reasons? Do you think the advantages of free admission outweigh the disadvantages?


    • it is a two question essay so you should use the following structure:
      question one: reasons
      question two: whether you think the advantages of free admission outweigh the disadvantages

  16. Hi,

    I have a query , in essay planning it was mentioned that we need to give examples but in the above essay I am unable to figure out the example in the body paragraphs.

    • Hi, You do not have to give examples in your essays. You are allowed to, and when you do it they should clearly illustrate the point you are making. In fact, previously IELTS writing tasks in the real test had the words “give examples from your own experience” and this is now removed. The reason for this removal is to avoid suggesting that examples must be given.

  17. Hi, thank you for posting task2 essay. I have a question on the essay above. In the last sentence of the last paragraph, you used ‘Although’. I was wondering,should it be ‘however’?


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