Getting a very high score of 8 or 9!

Getting a very high score of 8 or 9!

The following are some suggestions if you are seeking a very high score in the IELTS exam

Listening and reading:
  1. Do Cambridge books of past test papers 7-17!
  2. Work on skills for reading, and listening


  1. learn idiomatic expressions
  2. learn some topic specific vocabulary
  3. write out and rehearse current topics for part 2 speaking…especially cover people/places/things…you can see questions using this link, but the idea is that if you prepare an answer for a person, you try to use that to answer a question for any person…or when talking about a place you may also be able to include part of your talk about the person.
  4. Get your speaking assessed by a trained expert:


  1. learn the three types of essays that get asked
  2. Build up topic specific vocabulary
  3. Get your tasks assessed by a tutor who has trained as an examiner:
  4. Buy ebooks written by an author who has trained as an examiner.
  5. Get my free IELTS preparation ebook: How to pass your test in 2022

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  1. Thanks for your useful links. l’m really eager to get high score but it’s horrible at present. Please show me the best way.

    • What are your current scores for each part of the test? What score do you need? What do you find most difficult?


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