grammar errors

Articles Almost every essay I read has errors with articles. The articles are: a, an, the To reduce these errors you should read about the rules, do some quizzes, and also practice your writing and get feedback on these. More is explained about this in the next section on improving grammar. Avoid writing short simple … Read more

Prepositions for time and space

Prepositions are used to locate something in time and space, modify a noun; or tell when or where or under what conditions something happened. The following are guidelines for using prepositions correctly. This covers many common situations.  Prepositions of Time: at, in, on Preposition Usage Example At at is for specific times The exam is … Read more

Grammar Articles

Nearly every single task that is submitted for editing, be it a task 1 or task 2, has some error with article usage.  This article will present some of the problems with articles and provide solutions which will help to address a large number of article errors. There are many problems that arise as a result … Read more

Getting a very high score of 8 or 9!

The following are some suggestions if you are seeking a very high score in the IELTS exam Listening and reading: Do Cambridge books of past test papers 7-17! Work on skills for reading, and listening Speaking: learn idiomatic expressions learn some topic specific vocabulary write out and rehearse current topics for part 2 speaking…especially cover … Read more

Grammar Errors Essays

Errors with Grammar in IELTS Writing Errors with sentence structure. Errors with subject verb agreement. Errors with Relative pronouns [who, which, that, where] Passive form is needed. Active form is needed. Errors with punctuation. Errors with articles (a, an, the) you can do a quiz here:   The is used to refer to one specific thing like … Read more


Check out these links below! The following grammar resources are useful for people who will take the IELTS exam. You can think about the common errors you have with grammar and then target these weaknesses using the online sites below. Another thing you can do is to develop some higher level grammar such as how to accurately … Read more

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