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Best IELTS books 2022

1 Cambridge IELTS test series 7 to 17This is my number one recommendation for preparing for your test and this is because these are actual past test papers. These are truly representative tests for you to practice that accurately simulate the real test. I really can’t stress enough how important it is to look through … Read more

Free IELTS test preparation book

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Reading Skills

IELTS Reading: Skills and Technique There is not enough time to read every word of each article and answer all the questions. To do well in the IELTS reading exam follow the key steps below: Establish the question type (multi-choice, complete a summary) Establish answer type required (multi-choice, 3 words etc.) Skim the article Read questions and underline … Read more

Getting a very high score of 8 or 9!

The following are some suggestions if you are seeking a very high score in the IELTS exam Listening and reading: Do Cambridge books of past test papers 7-17! Work on skills for reading, and listening Speaking: learn idiomatic expressions learn some topic specific vocabulary write out and rehearse current topics for part 2 speaking…especially cover … Read more

Amazon My Books

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Ex-examiner to guide you!

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