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I have trained as an English speaking examiner and this enables me to give students a realistic mock test, accurately assess their level, and make suggestions about how to increase their band score. I give written feedback including a model answer for the part 2 question and suggestions for part 3.

I have been teaching English as a second language for over 20 years in Taipei and Australia, in language centres and universities. My area of specialization is teaching students how to pass the IELTS exam. I particularly enjoy teaching IELTS because I find it challenging to teach students the necessary skills and strategies that they need to pass, and I also find that my students are highly motivated – this is a joy for a teacher!

To organise a skype session
  1. organise a suitable time. you can check my calendar below to check for a suitable time.
  2. Send me an email to confirm the time examiner@ieltsanswers.com
  3. After you have confirmed the time. please make a payment
  4. Add me to your skype contacts. My ID is:mikewattie
  5. Log onto Skype at the arranged time

Please note that my time zone is GMT +7

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