Check out these links below! The following grammar resources are useful for people who will take the IELTS exam. You can think about the common errors you have with grammar and then target these weaknesses using the online sites below. Another thing you can do is to develop some higher level grammar such as how to accurately use conditional phrases or the passive tense in order to increase your IELTS grammar score.
Easy grammar for IELTS
Advanced Grammar for IELTS

Articles and the use of the
We use the when it is obvious which noun we are referring to. This occurs in three different situations. First of all, by repetition: we say an apple when we first mention it, but the apple when it is described again, when it indicates ‘the apple just mentioned’. Secondly, when there is only one: the internet, the government. And when a term or clause after the noun makes it obvious which one is meant: the girl standing out there.  (Eastwood 2002: 189)
A deeper explanation of articles
Get help from an IELTS tutor
Passive voice
Relative clauses and pronouns
Subject verb agreement
Uncountable nouns
Vocabulary for the IELTS

Used to past: “Used to” + verb + ing
I used to eat there, but now I don’t

Used to present: “Used to” + verb + ing
I am used to eating spicy food [I often eat spicy food]

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