best quick online course for ielts writing

best quick online course for ielts writing

This course is best suited to students who need quick feedback on their IELTS writing tasks. It is ideal for students who need to quickly raise their score by half a band. If you need to increase your score by more than half a band you might be interested in my other online IELTS courses:

How it works
1. You send me three writing tasks of your choosing. I will correct your tasks and give you written feedback on the tasks including a score and comments for the four grading criteria.
2. We schedule a 1-1 session to discuss your writing online. This gives you a chance to ask me questions and also allows me to give you additional feedback on your writing. During this session, I will share my screen and I will record the lesson for you.

Why it works
In order to improve you need to clearly understand the mistakes you are making and how to overcome them. Many students waste their time and money to keep retaking the test only to get the same score. Oftentimes, I can identify something that is preventing a higher score and instruct the student on how to remedy it.

The price is 52 USD for the editing of three tasks and a 1 to 1 half-hour session to discuss your writing. This is much less than the cost of a test!

If you are ready to go ahead you just need to make a payment using the link below and then start sending me your tasks. You can send them one by one or all together.


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