Model answers for Cambridge IELTS Book 15 Task 1 General Letters Written by Mike Wattie, IELTS examiner and author.

A friend of yours is thinking of going on a camping holiday for the first time this summer. He/she has asked for your advice.
Write a letter to your friend. In your letter:
* explain why you think your friend would enjoy a camping holiday
* describe some possible disadvantages
* say whether you would like to go camping with your friend this summer

Dear Joe,

I hope you are doing well. Im writing with regard to your upcoming camping vacation.

I believe you will have a great time camping. I know youre a big fan of the outdoors and camping is the truly best way to experience nature. That area you planning to go to is renowned for its wide range of flora and fauna.

This type of holiday is not without its drawbacks. The main one is that you need to do a lot of preparation and make sure that you dont forget any essential items. On top of this, the isolated location means that youre going to have to cook all your own food because there are no restaurants nearby.

I really wish that I could join you, but as you know summer is my busy season. I must keep my nose to the grindstone and wait until winter before I can take a holiday.

Please let me know if youve got any more questions.

Best regards,


A museum near your home is looking for people to do part-time voluntary/ unpaid work. You would like to do some voluntary/unpaid work at the museum.
Write a letter to the museum director to apply for the voluntary/unpaid work. In your letter:
* explain why you want to do voluntary/unpaid work at the museum
* describe some skills and qualities you have that would be useful
* give details of when you would be available for work

Dear Director,

I am writing in response to your request for volunteers.

I am really keen to do this because I am a history buff and looking for interesting ways to keep myself busy during my retirement years. I believe this would also give me an opportunity to have more involvement in the community.

I believe I have a number of skills that will be of value to the museum. First of all, I am an excellent public speaker and I believe this would be useful for seminars or tour groups. As well as this, Im also computer savvy and able to complete technical tasks.

I am available any time during the week. As I am an early bird, any type of hours in the morning or afternoon will suit me. However, I have to look after my grandchildren during weekends, so I am not available.

I would appreciate discussing this with you further when time permits.

Yours faithfully,

Mike Wattie

A friend of yours is thinking about applying for the same course that you did at university. He/she has asked for your advice about studying this subject.
Write a letter to your friend. In your letter:
* give details of the course you took at the University
* explain why you recommend the University
* give some advice about how to apply

Dear Joe,

I hope you are doing well. Im writing with regard to your choice of university course.

I studied marketing when I went to Victoria University. I found this course really fascinating because it kind of combines business theory with psychology theory. My degree has helped me greatly to not only find jobs but also to get promoted as well.

Victoria University is an excellent choice because it has the leading business school in the country. By studying there you do not only get a great education youll also have a qualification from the most prestigious university in the country. This is extremely important when youre trying to get that first job.

The easiest way to apply is online. Youve just got to make sure that youve scanned all your relevant documents to upload to the system. Make sure youve got your high school results and youll also need your birth certificate.

Please let me know if youve got any more questions.

Best regards,


You have seen an advertisement from a couple, who live in Australia, for someone to teach their two children your language for a year.
Write a letter to the couple. In your letter:
* explain why you think you would be suitable for the job
* say what else you could do for the family
* give your reasons for wanting the job

Dear Mr and Mrs Thompson,

I am writing with regard to your advertisement for a Chinese tutor.

I believe that I am highly suited for this job due to my qualifications and experience teaching Chinese. I have a master degree in Chinese language teaching from Shanghai university. In addition, I have been working as a Chinese tutor now for five years.

In addition, to teaching Chinese I can also educate your children about Chinese culture. I believe your children would be interested to know about Chinese calligraphy and I could supply equipment if they are keen to learn this.

The main reason why I am interested in this job is because it will support my current studies. Im currently studying for my PhD and my area of interest is teaching Chinese to non-native children. Therefore, I believe that while teaching your children I will also benefit by understanding how non-native children learn.

I would appreciate discussing this with you further when time permits.

Yours faithfully,

Mike Wattie

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  1. I am having trouble to differentiate between semiformal and formal letter. How to identify a semiformal lette? Like, if the last letter in this page is semi formal letter? How to write the last paragraph for semiformal letter? Thanks a lot for your support.

    1. The last question on the page is formal because you’re applying for a job to people you don’t know

      You can think about
      1. Your relationship to the person… it is really only going to be semiformal to friends and family… With someone like your boss or teacher you’re better to keep it formal
      2. The purpose of communicating

      In most cases, if you’re unsure it’s better to be too formal and not formal enough… Still it is strange if you’re writing to a friend to write “Dear Mr Smith”

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