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Samples of IELTS writing tasks that I’ve corrected for students are included here to help your preparation. You can see the corrected version of each essay and also all the changes I have made. By reading the sample tasks you can get ideas about how to write tasks better. In addition, you can see some of the common errors that students make and understand how the band score is influenced by these mistakes.

Example showing issues with Task Response and Cohesion and Coherence

pdf version

pdf version

IELTS essay feedback issues with task response and cohesion and coherence

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Alcohol abuse

Birth control

Job satisfaction

Museums should be enjoyable

Public health

Ads are more important then the real needs of the consumer

Alcohol abuse becoming common

Alcohol abuse in many nations

Alcohol abuse is becoming popular in many countries

Alcohol abuse is rising in many parts of the world

Alcohol is becoming popular

Are computers better then teachers

Are dangerous leisure activities good

Are pets good for old people

Are phones better then letters

Are tv ads useful

Are hand written letters good

Can the development in technology cause environmental problems

Changes the 21st century has on the world

Children playing sport

Consumer culture



Does reading help imagination

Does the media have too much power

Environmental hazards

Exporting food to other nations

Flights for leisure

Food technology

Human activity has had a negative impact on plants and animals around the world

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Instead of just giving money what should rich countries do to

help the poor

Is it better to travel abroad

Is it good that the world is highly interconnected

Job as supervisor in a oil company

Jobs for men and women

Lack of safe water in the world

Long term jobs

Obesity is rising

Punishments for each type of crime

Road traffic

Sense of community is being lost

Shoud there be fixed punishments for each crime

Should children with different backgrounds mix with other children

Should education prepare students for employment

Should higher education be available to students from rural areas

Should people drive private cars

Should people marry for love

Should people travel abroad

Should people travel abroad

Should university provide students with the skills needed in the workplace

Should wild animals be in zoos

Should young people be ambitious

Should young people have a gap year

Strict education systems

Technology will increase the gap of rich and poor

Teenagers behavior

Teenagers behavior is becoming worse

The effects advertisements have on teenagers

The effects technology has on the rich and poor

The number of plants and animals are declining

Ways humans are damaging earth

What is the best way to spread news

What is the favourite snack in supermarkets

When learning a language you should also learn about the whole culture

Why are more people eating fast food

Why do people like buying things

Why do people stay working for the same company all their life

Why is music so popular

Young people face a lot of pressure


Young people going to the city

ielts-essays-should-wild-animals-be-in-zoos final

30 Responses

  1. Siamak

    Thank you for sharing sample essays corrected here. I think it is the best way to improve our writing skill by looking through mistakes made by other students and trying not to make the same mistake.

  2. Poonam Rajput

    Hello Mike,

    I have written my essay on a piece of paper, can I send the pictures of it as an attachment in an email or directly on Skype? I also want a feedback on my writing as it is not very good.

    Thank You!

  3. Annie Truong

    Hi Mike,
    I’m Annie. Could you tell me the phrase “live on their own” means someone chooses to not marry and live alone or it means people who just care about their own families (selfish) and do not care and help others in society.

  4. Yuki Zhu

    Hello sir, I’m really interested in your service!! Before I make a payment could you please give a brief comment on my essay below? Thank you so much!

    【【【We are becoming increasingly dependent on computers. They are used in businesses, hospitals, crime detection and even to fly planes. What things will they be used for in the future? Is this dependence on computers a good thing or should we he more auspicious of their benefits?】】】

    Computers have been widely used in many different areas. While we benefit from the convenience they brought us and actively seek for other ways computer programmes may help us in the future, the possible disadvantages of our growing dependence on them should not be ignored.

    It is conceivable that computers will become involved in more occupations. In the legal sector, for instance, routine jobs such as contract drafting can be computer-aided. Programmes are able to generate legal documents much faster than people do, as they can apply templates and search for appropriate legal references from the database or the internet within seconds. In addition, computer-controlled systems may be commonly applied to motor vehicles, such as cars, buses and trains. This does not only save your time for travelling as computer-controlled cars will follow the quickest route without misreading the GPS map and losing its direction, but also prevents accidents caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or fatigue.

    We definitely expect computers to further benefit our lives, but the risks of our increasing reliance on computers are alarming. We all have had the experience of programme crashing when documents had not been saved. This may evolve into a more serious problem when crucial missions are handed to them. Imagine an unmanned bus driven by a computer goes out of control due to an unexpected error occurring in the system, an unavoidable car crash will take away many people’s lives because computers are unable to handle unpredicted events. Whereas a driver, in this situation, might be able to quickly come up with a strategy based on his or her driving experience, thus minimizes the damage.

    Computers have offered us a myriad of benefits. However, it is important that we find the right balance as to how much they should intervene human lives. People should stay conscious and take the worst scenario into consideration before we become further dependent on computers.

  5. Savan Shah

    Hi Mike
    Is it possible to get my essays checked earlier than 24 hours? Actually, I am planning to buy $30 package of 4 essays. But my exam is on next week so I am thinking what to do?

    1. Mike Wattie

      24 hours is the maximum, if you send me your tasks marked urgent I will try to do them within a few hours; my timezone is GMT+7 and I don’t work when sleeping.

  6. Anna H. Smith

    I think is the best approach to avoid making mistakes in our writing by looking into mistakes made by other students and avoid repeating them in our work. Thanks for sharing sample essay corrected they are very useful.

  7. Abbos

    I think these materials are the best to correction your mistakes in writing essay. I found it quite useful and thank you for sharing sample essays which has been corrected.

  8. Abbos

    And I have one simple question for you. After a month I should take the test and I think my time is not good enough for being good writer so if I remember templates can I get a good score in a short amount of time ?

    1. Mike Wattie

      Yes, templates can quickly boost your score and get you on the right track. Try to be flexible with the way you sue them.
      Slight changes might be needed depending on the precise task instructions you are given

  9. Huan

    Dear Mike,

    I am interested in purchasing the bundle of 10 writing tasks, but because my self-study time is limited, so I am not going to send 10 of them at once for marking. Instead, I may send 1 task every 2 or 3 days . Would that be fine for you?
    Looking forward to your reply.


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