Payment for IELTS Services

Payment methods:  Paypal, credit card payments using the secure links below. To pay directly to my bank account in Australia or Taiwan contact me by email:examiner@www.ieltsanswers.com

Writing Correction    DETAILS
I will review and give feedback on your writing tasks. See some samples of writing tasks click here.

1 writing task

4 writing tasks

10 writing tasks

Speaking Mock Test  DETAILS

Have a mock  IELTS speaking test and find out your band score. Build confidence, fluency, and familiarity with the test.


Speaking eBook     DETAILS

200 pages. Skills, strategies, and model answers for the three parts of the IELTS speaking exam

IELTS Speaking Success

IELTS Writing Task 1 and 2     DETAILS

This eBook combines my three other books together. It includes:
Task 1 Academic Report Writing
Task 1 General Letter Writing
Task 2 Essay Writing for the Academic and General Test

Writing complete: Task 1 & 2

Academic Reading Test eBook:  DETAILS

Academic Reading Test eBook

General Reading Test eBook:    DETAILS

General Reading Test eBook:

listening test ebook    DETAILS
listening test ebook

Recorded speaking test Assessment. see details of this here:


This book is over 180 pages and it is intended as an entry-level preparation book for the IELTS test. It is ideal for students with a band score below 6. The emphasis of this book is on building-up language to be able to deal with the eight most common topics in the test. For each of these topics, vocabulary and grammar are introduced followed by practice activities for all four parts of the test: reading, listening, speaking, and writing.


106 thoughts on “Payment for IELTS Services”

  1. Excuse me, I was wondering if I book the 4 writing tasks package, will I have to send all tasks at once or can I send one after another in order to improve my writing by time? Is there an expiration date for the package?

  2. I just paid for one speaking test. Can you let me know when it is possible? Because I am now in korea. So have a time difference. When you are possible

  3. Mi Mike,
    I’ve sent you the essay via e-mail. But I was wondering if you receive it or not. Please check. Thank you!!

  4. Hi dear Mike

    I wanted to know Could I pay for 10 essay, then send my writings every other day? So that I can receive your comments and then use them in my next post.

    • Dear Van, Sure. The easiest way is if you send them from the same email, or tell me both emails and how many to credit each email account

    • Dear Van, Sure. The easiest way is if you send them from the same email, or tell me both emails and how many to credit each email account

  5. Hi Mike, my husband and I are both taking the IELTS test. Is it possible for us to buy the 10 corrections package and use 5 each? Thank you so much!

  6. Dear Sir,

    I have paid $70.00 for 10 essay correction service on 20th November 2019.
    I have sent you three writing tasks so far but I have not received any response from your side.
    Neither the acknowledgement that you have received nor any corrected essay.
    Kindly advice, if there is any misunderstanding.
    Thank you

    • Wow! Thanks for your patience! I have received your payment on November 19 and nothing else since.
      Please send me an email or even easier you can post your essay here and I will correct it.

  7. Recently, I purchased two Ebooks, Writing task 1, task 2. I got an email the subject was “Your purchase from IELTSanswer.com is complete” but there is no context, no invoice.
    Today, I checked my transaction record. I was charged $42.23(AUD)
    I assume the price is USD. To clarify, I would like to get Invoices please.

    • I just resent it. I guess this is your roundabout way of telling me you still have another task you can send for free correction.
      Yes, that is correct!

  8. Hi Mike, I just paid for the IELTS marking service 2 weeks ago and immediately I received an email informing how to send essays to you. But now I haven’t seen it any longer. I am incredibly worried about it. Have you recorded my payment yet? and could you give me the email address that I can send my essays to you.
    Thank you so much!

  9. Dear Mike,
    I want to buy 70$ writing correction service. Could you please help me in guiding that is there any time-frame for me to submit these 10 tasks. like, 10 tasks in 1 month or two months and so on.

      • Hello mike , I have three questions

        1- are this writing service for both academic and general ielts test ?

        2- if I purchase a 70$ service can I choose how many task 1 or 2 to send ? For instance 4 of task 1 and 6 of task 2

        3 – do I have to send both tasks together? or I can send each one separate

        And thank you in advance

        • Thanks, Khadijah for your questions
          1. both academic and general ielts test
          2. yes it is up to you what tasks you send
          3. its best to send tasks 1 or 2 at a time…so that you can learn from the feedback before doing subsequent tasks

  10. Hi,
    If I want to purchase the writing correction pack of 70$, Its only essays or I can send Task 1 too? I will take the IELTS academic on December 7th.

    • Hi you can send task 1 and/or task 2…but note it is a total of 10 tasks and not 20
      ..it is not 10 X task-1 AND 10 x task-2.

      it could be like 2 X task-1 and 8 x task-2

  11. Hi Mike,

    I’m Evelyn. I found this website couple days ago. I had took IELTS 3 times before. The writing score was not good. And I’m going to take IELTS (Academic) next month. Therefore, I need a teacher like you to improve my writing skill ASAP.

    I want to choose your $30 correction service. Are the 4 task topics decided by me?

  12. Hi,
    I have two questions.

    I’m thinking to order $70 writing package. Does this package have an expiration date?

    Can I use other writing tasks besides yours?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  13. Hello Sir,
    I sent an email for Speaking Mock test a couple of days ago but unfortunately I have not received any reply yet. Would you please answer me as soon as possible, my exam is on next week.

  14. Hi Mike, I am interested in the 30$ package, Should I send the 4 tasks all at the same time, or I can send them one by one to be able to practice your advice and corrections on the new trials? Thanks 🙂

  15. Hi Mike,

    My wife is taking her IELTS Academic exam on June 21. Can you assist her in speaking and writing tasks. Please suggest a plan.

    We are ready to spend like 100$

  16. Hi Mike,

    If I make corrections and resend it to you based on your feedback, would that be another task 1 correction?

    • If you want me to correct the whole essay then I’m going to have to count it as a new edit, but if you just want to clearly highlight one or two areas and ask me to recheck just those areas I will not charge for this.

      • Hi Mike,

        Got it, thanks for your clarification. I’ve sent my task 1 essay to you already, please have a look when you can.

  17. Hello Mike,

    I have paid the amount for 1 essay correction and have also emailed my handwritten essay to the supplied email id. Could you please check that and provide feedback as early as possible? My exam is scheduled on 15th December 2018. Thank You!

    Poonam Rajput

  18. Hi Mike,

    I ordered 4 writing tasks of correction yesterday but I haven’t received the corrected ones yet.
    My email is walliswoow@gmail.com and because previously I ordered 1 writing task of correction, i think you have the record. I just leave my email here if you need to track it down.

    i’m looking forward to hearing from you.

  19. Hi there , I am taking Ielts exam on 10th November. I am interested for the 30 dollars plan, however I want to make sure that 4 essays can be checked and corrected within 10 days. Is it possible or how much time it will be taken from you for each essay?

    By the way I came here as a referral from my friend who already immigrated to Canada and got the score he wanted in writing after three failed trials because of you. That is why I have some trust on you.

  20. Hi mike,
    I’m based in Sydney, Australia.
    i just signed up your website and ordered 1 writing task correction service.
    I’m very much looking froward to receiving your feedback 🙂

  21. Hello. I would like to make a payment for correction of 2 writing tasks . one letter and one essay . Should I pay 9? Or maybe it is better to pay separately for each?

  22. Hi Mike,
    I wanted to purchase 1 service for $30 .But the website charged me for 2. Is it possible to get a $30 refund ?
    Thank you
    Nancy Libu

  23. Hi Mike, I wanted to purchase 2 services of $ 30. Unknowingly, i paid for 3 services. Can you please refund $ 30.
    Looking forward for your positive response.

    Jeshika Nayak

  24. Do you accept hand writing with a scanned copy in PDF ?
    Will you propose or suggest a better lexicon in our writing ?

  25. Hi, is the speaking service a mock speaking exam? Would I be given an estimated band? And how long is the speaking service? Thank you!

    • Hi Sally, Yes it is a mock exam with feedback on mistakes, a score for each of the four criteria, and suggestions for improvement.

  26. hello Mike
    how can i send my essay? and how many essays i cn send and how many task 1 report i cn send?how will u send me back my corrected work?

    • Process for correction

      1. Make a payment for my IELTS writing correction. Any four tasks for $30:


      2. Email me your writing task. This can be in the following formats: ms-word, pdf, photo of a handwritten task. I suggest you send your tasks one at a time, so that you can use the feedback from each task to improve the subsequent task.


      3. Choosing Tasks. You can select your own task questions or choose them from here:

      4. Writing your task: When you do a practice test I suggest you time yourself – 1 hour for the whole writing exam or 40 minutes for an essay and 20 minutes for a Task 1. Part of the reason for doing practice writing tests is to push yourself to complete the task within the required time.

      5. I will usually send back your task with corrections and feedback within 24 hours.

  27. Hi Mike,

    My exam is on 21st September. Can you please explain what do you cover under 30 USD? Is it just one time correction or is it a monthly package?

    • My $30 correction service is for correction of ANY FOUR TASKS including task 2 essays, task 1 academic reports, and task1 general letters.

      What I will do:

      I will correct and point-out your English errors and include explanations of the main problems. I will give you tips to make your writing better.
      I will give scores for the four criteria (Task Response, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resource, and Grammar and I will give you an overall IELTS score
      I will include some overall advice about your essay and its structure.


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