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My online IELTS courses offer you the best way to pass the test due to my collective wisdom as an examiner and tutor for over 20 years. I have also published six IELTS books. You’ll learn how to develop the skills and strategies needed to obtain the best result. As well as these you’ll discover … Read more


learn skills. Develop reading skills such as skimming (which parts you should strategically read) and scanning (best choices for searching for information) Understand different question types, and how to answer them. Read my eBook for a detailed guide to the test Do ALL the Cambridge books of past test papers 7-17! Learn from your mistakes! … Read more

Payment for IELTS Services

Payment methods:  Paypal, credit card payments using the secure links below. To pay directly to my bank account in Australia or Taiwan contact me by email:examiner@www.ieltsanswers.com Writing Correction    DETAILS I will review and give feedback on your writing tasks. See some samples of writing tasks click here. 1 writing task 4 writing tasks 10 writing … Read more


IELTS Listening Exam Preparation Learn skills eBook for a detailed guide to the test Do ALL the Cambridge books of past test papers 7-14! Learn from your mistakes! Make sure you check and figure out why any answers were wrong. Relisten to the recording to hear it or look at the transcripts at the back … Read more


See model answers for common topics Review some of the latest questions in the test to avoid nasty surprises and to be more familiar with the test. Watch my speaking videos on youtube. Learn idiomatic expressions Learn some topic specific vocabulary Get your speaking assessed by an ex-examiner: Get my IELTS speaking book to get my step-by-step advice about how to take all … Read more


Essay writing Learn how to analyse tasks to get the right task response Learn how to plan your essays Learn how to write the three types of essays that get asked Read model answers to learn how to write your essays better Build up topic specific language to boost your score for vocabulary Get your tasks assessed by a tutor who has trained as an examiner to find … Read more


Tips, strategies, model answers, and step-by-step guidance. My books are based on over twenty years of experience with the IELTS exam. This includes a full explanation of the grading criteria, a description of the different types of tasks for the exam, and elaborate details about how students can maximise their score. Some of these books … Read more