Online Speaking Course

Online Speaking Course

Price: 85 USD per student [Maximum of 6 students per course]

Length: 90 minutes per lesson for 5 lessons

Contents: In each lesson, the student will be given instructions by the teacher regarding one section of the speaking test. In addition, the student will practice answering questions with feedback from the teacher.

Resources: e-book, videos, PPTs

  1. the three parts of the speaking test
  2. strategies to give extended answers
  3. different types of questions that get asked in the test
  4. different types of topics in the test
  5. vocabulary for answering current questions
  6. grammatical structures to get to 7 and beyond
  7. questions you can ask the examiner
  8. how to deal with problems in the test
Course includes:
  1. Live online lessons: These are the cornerstone for the course. A speaking expert gives guidance on key aspects of the test. Students are active participants asking questions and interacting with the IELTS expert .
  2. Ebook: This gives the theoretical knowledge needed to take the test. This includes vocabulary and grammar based on a range of common topics for all parts of the test.
  • VIDEOS: Supplements the ebook by giving an in-depth explanation of critical strategies and techniques for taking the test.
  • Bank of questions: Provides students with questions and model answers to these questions to assist them to be prepared for the majority of questions that they are likely to be asked. Model answers to many questions are in written and/or recorded form.
  • Homework Assignments: The homework is designed to check students’ understanding of past lessons and to prepare them for their next lesson.

Please send me a message and I will send you full details of the course.