Task Analysis for IELTS Essays

Task Analysis for IELTS Essays

task analysis topic and question

Task Analysis for an Opinion Essay
Topic: Some people believe that the fast pace and stress of modern life is having a negative effect on families.
Whenever you see the word and in the topic, you must address both parts of this question. In this case, the essay must address both the fast pace and stress of modern life in order to reach six and above for task response. Failure to address both parts of the topic results in a task response of five or below. This is because not all parts of the topic have been addressed.

Question: To what extent do you agree or disagree?
The question also has two requirements. You must state whether you agree or disagree and also the extent, or how much, you agree or disagree. In order to score a six and above you need to clearly state your response to the question including the extent to which you agree or disagree. In order to make your opinion clear, I believe it is best to give your opinion in both the introduction and conclusion of the essay. You can give the extent using words like totally or completely if you 100% agree or disagree; or somewhat or partly, if you do not fully agree or disagree.
I somewhat agree
I totally agree
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task analysis topic and question both sides and opinion

Task Analysis for a Both Sides and Opinion Essay
Some people think that the education system should only focus on preparing students for employment, while others believe it has other important functions. This type of topic always expresses two points of view. It is important to always see what the two points of view are. In this case, the topic of the essay is about whether schools should only prepare students for their future careers or not. In other words, it is careers purposes vs. other purposes.

Question: Discuss both sides and then give your own opinion.
The question has three requirements. You must discuss each side of the argument from a neutral point of view and then give your opinion, which is your view on the argument. In order to score a six and above you need to make sure you meet all three requirements of the question. To get to 7 you must answer all three requirements fully. In order to make your opinion clear, I believe it is best to keep your opinion out of the introduction and body of the essay. If you put it into the introduction you risk making it sound like the essay is just about your opinion, which is misleading to the reader. If you put your opinion in the body of the essay, then you risk it becoming unclear to the examiner whether you have completed all three requirements. Essentially it becomes difficult to see both sides and your opinion. I believe it is best to hold your opinion for the conclusion of the essay. A typical error students make is to not say sufficient about their opinion. One sentence is clearly not enough to get to 7.

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task analysis topic and question two question essay

Task Analysis for a Two Question Essay
Topic: The key point to note about this topic is that it is asking about the future. Therefore, you must not only discuss the changes that have occurred or are occurring now. You must discuss changes that are likely to happen in the future.Topic: Some people think that in the future lots of changes will occur that will improve our society.

Question 1: Do you agree or disagree?
This question requires that you give your opinion. Whether two question essay that asks for your opinion I suggest that you totally agree or totally disagree. This is mostly due to meeting time limitations. This should be a whole paragraph.

Question 2: What kind of changes will occur?
This question requires you to speculate on some of the types of changes that will happen in the future. It can be difficult to predict the future, and one of the easiest ways to do this is just taking current trends or developments and discuss how they might lead to changes in the future. For instance, it seems likely that we will have lots of cars running on electricity and maybe even self-driving cars. I would strongly urge that you don’t take the risk to describe things that are less likely such as the ability to teleport through space and live forever. This should be a whole paragraph.

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