The maps below show an industrial area in the town of Norbiton, and planned future development of the site.


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SAMPLE ANSWER: structured by Map 1 followed by Map 2
Two illustrations are provided showing the manufacturing quarter of a town called Norbiton at present and the future layout. Overall, this area will be completely transformed into a residential area.

At present, the area is located east of the town with a river running from the west to the east in the north, north of which is farmland. In the middle, there is a roundabout with two exits, one of which links to a main road in the south and the other is oriented towards the east, and some factories are scattered on both sides of it as well as around the roundabout.

In the future, two new exits will be added to the roundabout. One heading northwest and the other north, which will cross a newly added bridge allowing access to new housing, leaving only the countryside in the northeast. A small roundabout, will be constructed on the main road, linking to the large roundabout.  The factories will be replaced with housing and facilities such as shops and a medical centre. A school will be built in the east with a new park located nearby.


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SAMPLE ANSWER: structured by North and South of the map
Town plans show an industrial area to the east of the town of Norbiton and plans for its future development. Overall, the proposal is to transform Norbiton from an industrial area to a residential area with associated facilities.

In the far north of the map, houses are planned to be built on farmland. A road in front of it leads to a bridge that crosses over a river. This bridge leads to a road, with housing to the west. The new road meets a ring road currently located in the centre of the zone. It is proposed to remove all the factories around the ring-road.

Turning to developments in the southern section of the map, branching off the ring-road westwards is a new road with housing constructed along it. Another road branches to the east of the ring road with new housing and a playground, and a school at the end of the road. All factories will be removed from this road. Finally, branching off the ring-road towards the south the current road will have shops on the west and a medical complex on the east, and the road will lead to a new roundabout that replaces the current T-intersection.
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The table and charts below give information on the police budget for 2017 and 2018 in one area of Britain. The table shows where the money came from and the charts show how it was distributed.

The chart below gives information about how families in one country spent their weekly income in 1968 and in 2018.

The graph below shows the number of shops that closed in the number of new shops that opened in one country between 2011 and 2018.

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