IELTS General Writing

IELTS General Writing

In the General Test Task 1 you need to write a letter based on information supplied. There are usually at least three key points that have to be addressed in the letter. You need to write over 150 words and the task should be completed in 20 minutes. In order to do well in this part of the test you need to be competent at the following:

How to Score well
  1. Clearly understand the requirements of the task
  2. Able to paraphrase key words in the task direction
  3. Able to correctly structure your answer (few test-takers do this well!)
  4. Able to use language to accurately and precisely describe the situation called for in the letter
  5. Able to use the correct tone for the type of letter.
  6. Able to vary grammatical structures and control grammar for accuracy.

Sample IELTS Letter questions

You travelled by plane recently and your suitcase was damaged.
Write a letter to the airline and in your letter:• inform the airline of when and to where you travelled
• describe your suitcase and explain the damage to it
• ask what action you expect the airline to take
You are going to visit New Zealand and stay with your uncle and his family.
Write a letter to your uncle. In your letter:
• tell the uncle what you will do in New Zealand
• ask your uncle some questions about the accommodation
• tell your uncle about your arrival date and time.
 For five years you were a member of a local gym. Now you want to stop your membership. Write a letter to the gym. In your letter:
• give details about the type of membership you have
• tell the gym about how you have benefited from the membership;
• explain why you want to stop your membership.
An friend wants to spend a  holiday in your country and has written asking for advice.Write a letter to your friend. In your letter:
• suggest options for accommodation
• give advice about what to do
• give information about what clothes to bring
You rented a car to drive while you were on holiday, you had a small accident. You have to write a report to the car rental company to explain the situation.
You need to explain the following:• when and where you hired a car
•  how the accident happened
•  what kind of action you want the car rental company to take

You your application for a job was recently accepted. However you don’t want to do the job and need to write a letter to explain this to the company.
• Explain why you applied for the job
• Explain why you don’t want to accept the job
• Express you gratitude for being offered the job

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