Affiliate Partner for IELTS

Earn up to 20% commission by helping connect me with students for my IELTS ebooks, courses, and services. This is a way for you to earn money to fund your studies by helping others find the best resources to support their study efforts.

How it works

  1. I supply you with links to the product pages on my website.
  2. You provide these links to people you know or post them on your social media or website. Your contacts pay the same regular prices as everyone else.
  3. The link you provide earns you a commission for 90 days on any purchases.
  4. Commissions are paid monthly.

Why it works

  • I offer high-quality products and services based on many years as an IELTS examiner, author, and online teacher.
  • Many people desperately need to pass their test so they can work or study overseas.
  • The costs of failing a test in terms of money and frustration are high. Students crave high-quality resources.
  • My prices are low for the quality that I provide.

My affiliate system

My system is transparent. You can login to your affiliate account and verify purchases and commissions. I will support you as an affiliate. Your contacts are just like all my other students. I am available for contact and support of their studies and offer the same level of support. I want you as an affiliate to succeed. Wherever possible I will ensure that any sales that come from you as an affiliate will be credited to you and paid. I will deal with any issue that arises as promptly and fairly as possible.

Please note

I am looking to build lasting affiliate partnerships and I am not interested in just making some quick short-term sales.I do not want any affiliates to spam and annoy people. I only want affiliates who can deal honestly and fairly with people.

Ready to become an affiliate?

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