IELTS Listening test with answers 2021

IELTS Listening – A Complete Set Of Questions With Answers. This file contains 40 sample questions. Answering these questions allows you to practise for the IELTS Listening Test. A transcript is provided, so you can understand why the correct answer is correct and why the incorrect answers are incorrect. Practice makes you ready for the … Read more

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The following types of questions are asked in the IELTS listening test. Knowing how to deal with each type of question effectively and efficiently can result in better time management and a higher score: Multiple Choice Matching Plan, map, diagram labeling. Form, note, table, flow-chart, summary completion Sentence completion Short-answer questions Please click on the links … Read more


Practice Read the questions below and then play the MP3 and answer the questions. Track 16. Listen to Part One and USING NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER complete the questions 1–5 below. 1.What are the two guest speakers’ names? 2.Which organisation did they work for? 3.How many weeks did they work for … Read more

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Practice Read the questions below and then play the MP3 and answer the questions. Track 11. Listen to this speech about the Three Gorges Dam and complete the following sentences using no more than three words. The Three Gorges Dam Early dam on Min River, built in the year (1) __________ . Three Gorges Dam … Read more


The matching test item format provides a way for learners to connect a word, sentence or phrase in one column to a corresponding word, sentence or phrase in a second column. This task type assesses the skill of listening for detail. It often assesses the ability to follow a conversation involving interaction between two people. … Read more

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TIP 1: Read the instructions carefully. Often times, the instruction you’re going to see before the recording start are something like: “Write no more than three words.” This is an example of an instruction you must follow. One mistake a lot of students make during the IELTS is they don’t read instructions properly. You can’t … Read more

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1. How long is the IELTS listening test? 40 minutes. You will listen to recordings and write down your answers for 30 minutes, and then you will be given 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the test sheet. 2. How many questions are there? There are 40 questions. 3. How are the scores calculated? … Read more

Post listening skills for the IELTS test

IELTS listening skills and strategies for your test. After the recording (10 minutes transfer time) ♦ Check for spelling or grammatical errors ♦ Fill in something for any missing answers. If you are not sure – GUESS! Transferring information from the question sheet to the answer sheet – after the listening test has finished, you … Read more