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IELTS Listening Skills, Strategies, Practice Tests
This book teaches you all the skills and strategies you need to know to pass the IELTS listening test. This book introduces all the question types commonly used in the IELTS test along with tips for dealing with them. It also includes four full practice tests that are similar to those you will get in the real test.  A range of question types are used to ensure you are prepared to sit your real IELTS test.

Improve your listening test score by learning how to:

  1. use previewing skills to predict answers and establish keywords to listen for
  2. use listening skills to hear keywords and catch answers
  3. respond to the different types of questions that appear in the test
  4. avoid common mistakes
  5. manage your time

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My main piece of advice for the listening test is to do lots of practice tests for the following the following reasons:

  1. My practice test papers accurately reflect what you’re likely to get in the real test. You want to get used to what you well experience in the real test and also build up skills and strategies for the real test.
  2. My test papers have certain “tricks” that are used repeatedly to test candidates. You will only experience these tricks if you do my test papers. For instance, in part one of the test you often need to write down a name and it is difficult to catch the spelling of the name when it involves an “M” and “N” because they sound almost the same. Or they use a road “A-80” or “8-80” which sound quite similar if you’re not prepared for them. Note that “M” is a longer sound than “N”. And A-80 has a gap between the “A” and “80;” whereas 880 has no gap.
  3. You will only be able to get a reasonable idea of your level from mytest papers. My tests are created to simulate those from the IELTS organisation.

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