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This book is over 200 pages and clearly explains the three different parts of the IELTS speaking exam. The different skills and strategies that are required for each part of the test are clearly identified and explained. As well as this, there are model answers for the common types of questions. This book also includes a section on ways to increase your score for grammar and vocabulary for common topics that are asked in the exam.


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    1. yes sure. If you encounter any difficulties downloading it you can send me a message and I can
      manually send it to you.

    1. Yes, you will get an email with a link..if you do not get the email tell me and I will send it to you.
      You can get 20% discount by using this code:ebooks

    2. Hello
      I was hoping it might be free as i have seen your many vedios and in the vedio you said its free. I know its very old vedio but you should either edit it or fulfill your words.
      Sorry if you find my words offensive

      1. Hi My videos mention free pdfs and these are still free. I will send them to you.
        I did make a couple of offers to give away my paid ebooks in June…and I clearly stated it
        was for June only, due to covid.

  1. Hi lam so excited to have finally followed found your address,l written to you and look forward to learning more from you.

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