IELTS listening tips

IELTS listening tips

TIP 1: Read the instructions carefully. Often times, the instruction you’re going to see before the recording start are something like: “Write no more than three words.” This is an example of an instruction you must follow. One mistake a lot of students make during the IELTS is they don’t read instructions properly. You can’t write four words or your answer will be wrong.

TIP 2: Get used to different English accents. Sometimes you might hear British, Australian, Canadian, American accents and so on. a lot of the accents will be British. So it’s very important to get used to listening to British accents. Try watching News channels from various countries such as the BBC for British. English they have a lot of great videos there and most of it’s with British accents, so it’s a very good idea so you can practice listening.

TIP 3: You should learn both British and American vocabulary. For example: in American English we say: “truck”, and in British English, we say: “lorry”. So it’s good to know some of these expressions.

TIP 4: Spelling matters. Very important. The listening part of the IELTS involves using other skills like reading and writing. Now, with writing, spelling is vital because a misspelling results in a wrong answer. You can use either British or American spelling.

TIP 5: Be careful with pluralisation.  As with spelling if you get this wrong your answer is wrong. If the answer is “shops” and you write “shop” you answer will be marked wrong.

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