IELTS writing task 1 academic reports band 9 model answer from Cambridge book 14. [book 15 model answers here] I will show you how to analyse the task, plan it, and write it to a band nine level. I’ll go into detail about the task achievement, cohesion and coherence, lexical resource, and grammar. The charts … Read more

Examiner feedback on essay writing problems

FEEDBACK ON ERRORS WITH ESSAY WRITING AN ISSUE WITH TASK RESPONSE The topic is about making noise that impacts on others whereas this example is about noise that is controlled and not impacting on others – tangential to topic). Some people think that there should be some strict controls about noise. Others think that they … Read more

ielts speaking test advice

USEFUL ADVICE FOR THE SPEAKING TEST I gave the following advice to a student based on written versions of his answers to questions for part two of the IELTS speaking test. I will include a couple of examples to illustrate the points I made to the student.   1. USE COMPLEX SENTENCES to boost grammar Avoid short … Read more

Speaking Speed in your IELTS Test

This video talks about the right speed for you to speak at. It covers speaking too fast and too slowly. This video is made by Mike Wattie, examiner and IELTS tutor I am available for 1 to 1 lessons to help you with your speaking test. IELTS Mock Speaking Test over the Internet

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