ielts speaking test advice

USEFUL ADVICE FOR THE SPEAKING TEST I gave the following advice to a student based on written versions of his answers to questions for part two of the IELTS speaking test. I will include a couple of examples to illustrate the points I made to the student.   1. USE COMPLEX SENTENCES to boost grammar Avoid short … Read more

Speaking Speed in your IELTS Test

This video talks about the right speed for you to speak at. It covers speaking too fast and too slowly. This video is made by Mike Wattie, examiner and IELTS tutor I am available for 1 to 1 lessons to help you with your speaking test. IELTS Mock Speaking Test over the Internet

Memorised Answers in your IELTS Test

Dangers with memorising answers for part 2 of the IELTS speaking test are covered in this video along with ways to fool the examiner that your answer is not memorised. This video is made by Mike Wattie, examiner and IELTS tutor I am available for 1 to 1 lessons to help you with your speaking test. IELTS Mock … Read more

how to practise IELTS speaking

There are a number of ways you can practise for IELTS speaking. The most important thing is to speak – and to use the language as often as you can. This means looking for opportunities at work and at home. This is hard for many people I know who don’t have friends who speak English. … Read more


What if the examiner asks you certain questions that you may not have the knowledge to answer? First, you should understand that IELTS isn’t designed to test your knowledge; it is meant to assess your English speaking skills Telling the truth or giving correct factual information is not important. What matters is your ability to … Read more

ielts speaking test robots

Can you answer IELTS speaking questions about robots? The model answers for the speaking test below may help you prepare for questions about robots, which is a current topic in 2018. Let’s talk about robots 1. Are you interested in robots? No, not really. I do know that there is a lot of interest in … Read more

hardest part 2 speaking question

HARDEST SPEAKING QUESTION? I think the question below is the hardest question in the IELTS speaking test for 2018. It is so hard to talk about a piece of furniture for 2 minutes! Have a look at my model answer. You know furniture is perhaps something that we just take for granted.  I have never … Read more

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