ielts speaking test robots

ielts speaking test robots

Can you answer IELTS speaking questions about robots?

The model answers for the speaking test below may help you prepare for questions about robots, which is a current topic in 2018.

Let’s talk about robots
1. Are you interested in robots?
No, not really. I do know that there is a lot of interest in the area with countries like Japan conducting extensive research and development in the field. There is even a competition where students build robots to fight each other

2. Have you ever seen any TV shows or movies about robots?
There are so many shows with robots in them and I have even some documentaries about robots but I simply cannot remember those. I think the most famous movie I can think of with robots in it was Star Wars. What is interesting about that movie is the robots were all subservient to humans.

3. Would you ride in a car driven by a robot?
That’s quite an interesting question. It would take a lot to convince me that a robot can handle all the unexpected variables that the drive of a car has to calculate. Take the airbus planes which are supposed to be computer controlled yet they still fall out of the sky so I prefer a car driven by humans for now.

4. Do you think you will buy a robot in the future?
I just cannot see the need for it. Maybe one of those robotic vacuum cleaners that run around cleaning the floor but at this stage, I have yet to see a use for a robot that would justify the expenditure. But who knows, things could change, I remember when computers came out, I was never going to buy one.

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