Convert score ielts pte toefl

Score conversion IELTS Vs TOEFL Vs PTE Academic To convert an IELTS score to a PTE or TOEFL score you can use the table below as a rough guide. Note that different organizations or universities may have different conversions process. The big question is which test is easier. In theory, they should be of equivalent … Read more

Tips increase IELTS vocabulary score

IELTS VOCABULARY TIPS For both the IELTS speaking and writing exam your vocabulary (lexical resource) accounts for 25% of your score. Therefore, part of your preparation for the exam should be to improve your range of vocabulary. For the speaking exam, I highly recommend that you learn some idiomatic expressions as this is important to … Read more

How much studying to get my score

How much studying do I need to do? Many students like to ask the question, “When can I get a grade 7.0?” or similar questions. It really is impossible for your teacher to say unless he knows you very well. Even then the answer given would be more like a guesstimate. People learn at different … Read more


IMPROVING ENGLISH With regards to your study plan, to really improve your English requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution you’re not going to find it and simply paying money won’t solve it. The only way to really improve your English is to get immersed … Read more

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