tricky IELTS part 2 speaking question

TRICKY SPEAKING QUESTION? This question challenges a lot of students because they can not think about what to talk about; have a look at my model answer. Alright, the traditional product I’d like to talk about is the famous Australian meat pie, which is definitely one of the most popular snack foods eaten in Australia. … Read more

ielts part 2 speaking describe person face

Part 2 speaking describe a person’s face In part 2 of the test, you are always asked to describe something. How would you describe the face of the person below? Try to think yourself and I welcome you to share your ideas in the comment section at the bottom of the page. Some ideas bloodshot eyes beard with a … Read more

Memorising Answers for part 2 of the speaking test

Prepare some model answers In addition to preparing language about the common topic areas of people, places, things, activities, experiences; a good way to prepare for Part Two is to prepare a model answer for each of these common topic areas for a couple of reasons:   If you prepare for a question about a … Read more