IELTS 2 question essay model answer

IELTS 2 QUESTION ESSAY In many countries, the quality of life in large cities is becoming worse. What are the causes of this problem? What measures do you think should be taken to tackle this problem? MODEL ANSWER: It has been noticed that in a lot of nations the standard of living is decreasing.  This … Read more


The line graph shows five different sources of energy consumption in Australia from 1980 to 2030.  Overall, it can be seen that there is an upward trend for all types of energy during the period from 1980 to 2010, and this trend is predicted to continue to 2030.                … Read more

future ielts essay question model

MODEL ESSAY FOR A FUTURE IELTS ESSAY QUESTION  Some people think that in the future lots of changes will occur that will improve our society. Do you agree or disagree? What kind of changes will occur? As a result of developments that are taking place, many people believe that life will become better.  This essay … Read more

IELTS floor plan task 1 academic

The floor plans below show the changes that were made to a house over a six-month period. Model answer for a floor plan The illustrations reveal the alterations that occurred at a residential building. Overall, the main difference is that the renovated building has one less internal wall. Looking at the point of entry to … Read more


You have recently ordered two items online, but the items you received are not the same as you ordered and you are not happy with the purchase. Write a letter to the company telling them that they have delivered two incorrect items in your letter.  Describe what you ordered. What did you receive instead? What would … Read more


The Diagrams below show a small local museum and its surroundings in 1957 and 2007 summarize the information by selecting main features etc. The illustrations depict changes to a museum building and grounds in 1957 and 2007. Overall, the building has become much larger and the number of trees has been greatly reduced. Looking first … Read more

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