Deciding what to talk about in part 2 speaking

Deciding what to talk about in part 2 speaking

Deciding what to talk about in part 2 speaking

How should you use your one minute’s thinking time in part 2 speaking? The best thing to do is to make sure that you just select the right thing to talk about and make effective notes. This can really help you get to two minutes.

The key ideas are

  1. Choose something easy to talk about
  2. Choose something you have language to talk about
  3. Make effective notes


1.Selecting the right thing

Often people fail to get to 2 minutes because they choose the wrong thing to talk about. If you instantly decide on what you’re going to cover then you may waste your preparation time. Be prepared to stop and think a bit. Obviously you don’t have a lot of time to do this

2.Choose something you have language to talk about

Make sure that you pick something to talk about that you have language to describe. Also, if you can bring out high-level language related to this, it will increase your score for vocabulary.

3. Make effective notes

Write down 3 or 4 key words/ideas. These are your main ideas and each one should become a paragraphs when you start speaking. Avoid trying to write down whole sentences or particular words you want to say as there is not enough time.



You should say:

  • what relationship this person is to you
  • what are your first memories of this person
  • how often you see this person

and explain why you really admire this person.



  1. Sibling
  2. Memories… tree house garage roof
  3. average student… elementary and high school
  4. admire her …not give up on her dream


The person I most admire in my family is my sister. My sister is the middle sibling in my family.  I am the youngest and I also have a brother who is the eldest.

My first memories of my sister are when we were young children playing in the backyard. One memory is of us trying to build a tree house and of me falling out of the tree onto the ground below when the tree house collapsed. Another memory is of us running around on the garage roof one day after school and I accidently pushed her off onto the concrete below. She ended up breaking both her arms. I was very worried she might have gotten much more serious injuries but luckily it wasn’t a long fall.

My sister was only an average student in elementary and high school. I remember she was always trying to better herself by studying hard and reading a lot. In early high school, she read books like War and Peace which has over one thousand pages and another book called ‘Existentialism’ by Jean Paul Sartre to try to become smarter.

I admire her because she refused to give up on her dream of becoming a doctor. Her teachers used to often say she would not even matriculate to university. She refused to listen to them and continued to hit the books every day in an attempt to stay positive. All that hard work did eventually pay off. She ended up proving everybody wrong in the end by obtaining three degrees. One of those degrees is a Bachelor of Medicine. She has been able to achieve her goals by staying positive being strong-minded and willing to work hard to reach her goals. She knows more than anyone that the key to success is to simply work hard and stop at nothing until you finally get what you want.


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