Mock IELTS Speaking Test Online

Mock IELTS Speaking Test Online

Have an IELTS speaking test with Ben, a teaching professional from New Zealand.

I offer a comprehensive IELTS speaking mock test, coupled with detailed feedback on your performance and tailored suggestions for improvement. Additionally, I provide an audio recording of the session and written feedback, accompanied by individual scores for each of the four assessment criteria.

With a background as a trained speaking examiner, I possess the expertise to administer a realistic mock test, accurately gauge your proficiency level, and offer targeted guidance on enhancing your band score. Drawing from over two decades of experience teaching English as a second language in Asia, my specialized focus is preparing students to excel in the IELTS speaking examination.

email: examiner@IELTSanswers.com

$20 for a 30-35 minute class

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To organise a mock test
  1. Organise a suitable time by suggesting a couple of times you are available. The best time is evenings. Please note that my time zone is GMT +7
  2. Send me an email to suggest the time  examiner@www.ieltsanswers.com
  3. After you have confirmed the time. Please make a payment

To convert the time from your own time zone, you can use the link below:

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