tricky IELTS part 2 speaking question

tricky IELTS part 2 speaking question


This question challenges a lot of students because they can not think about what to talk about; have a look at my model answer.

tricky ielts speaking question

Alright, the traditional product I’d like to talk about is the famous Australian meat pie, which is definitely one of the most popular snack foods eaten in Australia.

It’s a palm sized, square or circular shaped, baked, short crust pastry, filled with fatty minced meat and gravy. Other common ingredients used are diced onions, mushrooms and mashed green peas. There are also other variations of the meat pie, including the chicken pie, the steak and kidney pie, the pork pie and even the fish pie.

People like to buy meat pies because they are convenient, have a delicious savoury taste and can be eaten anywhere using just your hands. You can often see people enjoying a hearty meat pie on the go or at sporting events such as the cricket in summer. It’s sold in convenience stores, cafes, at street kiosks and at social events.

It can be purchased as a counter meal for lunch or dinner at a pub and is often served on a plate with mashed potato, green peas and smeared with a generous serving of delicious gravy on top. It is also common to see people eating a meat pie with tomato sauce on top instead of gravy to enhance the taste. You can even make your own meat pies at home using your own choice of healthy ingredients.

I think pies have become part of Aussie culture for a few reasons. Mostly it is it’s a classic snack food that fits well into Australia’s easy going society. They are easy to eat in a bar or when you are on the go. Not only that they are cheap and widely available in bars and restaurants and also in convenience stores and service stations.  They are filled with local ingredients such as beef, lamb, peas and potatoes, which is another reason why they have become so popular with Aussies.

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