hardest part 2 speaking question

hardest part 2 speaking question


I think the question below is the hardest question in the IELTS speaking test for 2018. It is so hard to talk about a piece of furniture for 2 minutes! Have a look at my model answer.

hardest ielts speaking question

You know furniture is perhaps something that we just take for granted.  I have never really thought of which piece of furniture I really like and to be quite frank most modern furniture does not appeal to me.

There is, however, one particular item of furniture that I really do like.  It is a small wooden chess table.  The entire table was handmade using nothing but the finest Tasmanian Oak. Tasmanian Oak is a beautiful hard wood that does not seem that attractive until you use a sander to smooth it out and then apply a vanish which brings out a deep natural grain.

I did not really buy the table.  However, I purchased the wood and materials that I used to make this table.  I purchased all the materials at a hardware shop known as Bunnings which is a large hardware chain of shops which can be found in every major Australian city.  The really nice thing about Bunnings is the diverse range of products they have.

I spent a lot of time crafting the table and laminating different shades of wood so that I could get the checkered shape of a chess board on the table top.  Yet the strange thing is that I rarely if ever get a chance to use it.  I am normally so busy with work and then when I am not busy I am simply too tired.  Not to mention that finding a suitable person to play chess with is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Good solid furniture that is made of real wood is as rare as hen’s teeth. If you can find an item of furniture nowadays that is made of real wood it is unlikely that it will be affordable for the average person.  This is why I like it so much as it is real and made with my own blood, sweat and tears.

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